5 Signs you need a CRM for your B2B marketing team

As a marketing manager, your marketing campaign results are directly dependent on strategy and budget. However, to get approval from executives and decision makers you must be able to confidently communicate your contributions to the company’s bottom line. In order to do that, you need a system that can provide you all the information discussed below. If you currently don’t have a data collection system, you need a CRM for your B2B marketing team.

1) No clue about the actual result of marketing campaign

You’ve sent a well-crafted email campaign with an offer and you’ve analyzed open and click rates, but you still have no clue how many new customers were acquired as a result. With the CRM tool you can send bulk email campaigns, analyze email performance, and track every deal closed by the sales team.

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2) No way to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

You launched an ad campaign. No, you launched 5 ad campaigns. How do you know which one brings the highest ROI and needs scaling? With the cross-cutting analytics and reporting features of CRM, you can go beyond tracking registrations from your ad campaigns to tracking paying customers, and you can analyze the ad campaigns that are ready to skyrocket your business.

3) Need a way to communicate customer background

Once you are ready to pass a lead on to the sales team you need to provide all the previous interactions and lead requests. You can build shared pipelines into the CRM that include all previous communication. A sales rep will need only a few minutes to get familiar with the context and previous interactions, and is now ready to win the deal.


4) Analyze customer behavior

You don’t know the difference in behavioral patterns between marketing-qualified leads and leads coming from sales efforts. CRM will help you to analyze common behavioral patterns and shorten the sales cycle or adjust marketing activities.

5) Need a way to analyze marketing channels

What about leads coming in from different marketing channels at every stage of the sales funnel? That seems impossible, but it is actually easy with the CRM in hand. Pull the information from a website form into the CRM, where you can track acquisition and channels, and see which one performs better and leads to higher conversion.

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