7 Marketing Tips That Have a Big Impact on Your Business

Marketing is a must for any business. Whether you’re selling cars or offering law services, there’s no point in starting a business without a strong marketing plan. Even the most talented and hard-working person won’t be noticed if they don’t put their name out there. 

Thankfully, marketing has become easier to do, but that also means the competition is fierce. Today, we’ll be discussing the most effective and reliable marketing tactics to bring your business to the next level.  The key takeaway from reading should be the fundamentals of a great marketing strategy.

Marketing Tactics to Use For Your Business

These are the essentials of a solid marketing strategy in the current landscape.

Start a Social Media Page

Before anything else, start a social media page. This is going to be the core of your marketing strategies moving forward. Everybody is online for a significant part of their day. Most of that online time is spent browsing social media. That’s why your business needs to have a social media page. A social media presence is one of the best ways to get noticed.

It won’t get hundreds of followers immediately. Over time though, as your business grows in fame, your social media page will be the first thing they look for. Social media pages come with an arsenal of marketing tools such as chatbots, paid ads, and more. Social media posts will boost all of your other marketing efforts. From blogging services to promotional events, a social media page is fundamental to making these effective.

Create a Website

Once you have a social media page, set up your website as well. This essentially contains all the things that your social media page can’t handle. Your online store, your company’s history, and blog content are found here. Promote your website just as much as you do your social media page. 

Having both is considered a great convenience by many customers. Websites communicate to the customer that you are an established business and taking your path seriously. Not only that, the functionalities of both make your marketing strategies much easier. A website is also essential if you want to start an email newsletter campaign. Your website and social media page act as your primary sales funnel.

Build a Customer Profile

Now that you have your website and social media set up, it’s time to build a customer profile. A customer profile is a curated summary of what your biggest demographic is. This contains their product preferences, locations, age, and other important information. You do this by handing out online surveys and analyzing your user data from social media, websites, and newsletters.

A customer profile provides you with an objective view of how your business is doing. It shows you which of your tactics are working and which tactics need some work. It’s also an essential part of targeted marketing for obvious reasons. Survey your customers consistently and analyze your data thoroughly.

Start a Cold Email Campaign

While emails are no longer the workhorse that they used to be (mostly because of social media), they are still a strong tool for reaching out to older demographics. Many people still check their emails, and from time to time, engage with newsletters. Do note that 90% of the people you send to will likely ignore it. The beauty of a cold email campaign, however, is that it’s very low cost.

Cold email campaigns work great for pretty specific industries. Digital industries are far more likely to find success with email campaigns. You need to be frequent and you need to build up a big list to ensure ROI. Each demographic has very different likes and dislikes, so customer profiles are essential for this plan.

Utilize Influencers

Influencers are an old but reliable way to bring revenue to your business. With the age of video content and social media, influencers are a far stronger asset to your business. Influencer marketing is about making ambassadors from like-minded people. It’s also mutually beneficial. They get payment as well as the professional backing of a business.

In return, they share your products with their demographics. Even if only a small percentage of those customers engage, it’s often a high ROI when done properly. Build a strong relationship with your influencers, and your brand will become synonymous with theirs. Just look at how businesses like NordVPN and Raid: Shadow Legends have found great success through their aggressive influencer marketing.

Build Connections With Local Businesses

You don’t have to compete with every single business. Collaborations are a fantastic way to build your customer base. Gaining favor with local, established businesses gives you access to their demographics. It’s unlikely for you to build connections with direct competitors obviously, but adjacent businesses are fair game.

The best way to reach out to local businesses is by participating in local events. Introduce yourself to them casually and try to find out how they like to be treated. With the right conversation thread, you might even get offered a collaboration without asking in the first place. If a business reaches out for partnership, think carefully about how it will impact the bottom line.

Consistent Promos

People love sales and free stuff. Product promos are one of the safest ways to provide customers with both. On social media, newsletters, and pretty much every social avenue you have, show off your promos. People are more likely to engage with ads that have a tangible reward they can engage with.

It’s also important to have these consistently. A monthly promotional event ensures you have a steady flow of users interested in your socials and website. Promos are far more memorable in customers’ minds than any business card. It also has the side benefit of establishing your brand as a convenient and unique one.

At the end of the day, these are only some of the many, many marketing tactics you’ll learn as your business grows. However, these tactics are the pillars of your business’ future. Learn more about business on our blog here!

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