Introduction to Influencer Marketing

Influencer promoting could be a sort of word of mouth promoting that centers on utilizing influencers to advance their brand to a more extensive advertisement. Opinion leaders are media people with many followers or subscribers that have an ability to influence the buying choice or habits of its audience. 

Introduction to influencer marketing

According to research by marketers, influencer recommendations increase consumer confidence more effectively than direct corporate advertising, especially in 2020. At the same time, trust is caused not by the popularity of the person recommending the product itself, but by the target audience’s recognition of belonging in him or her. All these contribute to a more native product or brand promotion. The budgets for this type of marketing are increasing from year to year. 

Influencer marketing is going to be altered by AI. Every year, artificial intelligence helps to find the right content authors for collaboration faster and easier. The following tools are used to change the world of influencer marketing:

  • ANN image recognition,
  • NLP Impact Effectiveness,
  • Motivation prediction,
  • Establish the impact on the audience,
  • Marking posts that don’t comply with promotion campaign rules. 

These automation mechanics are already dramatically changing the effectiveness of interaction with influencers and the market as a whole.

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Who are influencers?

A blogger is a person. Like all of us, a blogger has his own desires, requirements and conditions. You need to negotiate personally with each influencer, communicate and seek a compromise. Once you’ve picked a hundred micro-influencers, it’s hard to find an approach to each.

Some specialists say that 10 micro bloggers are more effective than 1 celebrity: the cost of advertising is lower and the number of sales is higher.

Check these criteria to understand if you need to collaborate with an influencer: 

  • mass followers;
  • commercial and suspicious accounts;
  • audience accessibility;
  • real Engagement Rate;
  • dynamics of a set of likes and comments;
  • spread of likes;
  • history of interaction with the blogger.

But some data cannot be verified by the program. For example, the audience trust level. People have long been accustomed to celebrity bloggers can advertise anything, so ads are either skipped or watched for fun if well done.

On the other hand, advertising from a small blogger is usually perceived as a recommendation from a friend, therefore, it does not cause negative feedback. Micro-influencers communicate with their audience in person, so subscribers are engaged with the content and are more likely to subscribe, visit a site, or make a purchase. 

Things to consider

With celebrity bloggers, everything is clear: apply, receive a commercial offer, pay – and you’re done. But with aspiring influencers, things are different. Consider these tips:

  • Put all emotions aside. Small bloggers have their own understanding of the market, so it is okay that you may have disagreements. Defend your position politely and patiently, not succumbing to emotions.
  • Trust but check-up. It is crucial to find out if a blogger is lying to you and his responsibility level.  
  • Work on CPA. To pay for sales rather than likes or comments, use the CPA model – pay per action. 


Where do influencers reside?

Before you start to imply influencer marketing strategy you’d better narrow down the target audience and the social media platforms they use every day. 

Obviously, Instagram and IG Stories remain the dominant network for influencing campaigns and almost every marketer used it in 2020. Also companies and brands in the USA closely collaborate with bloggers on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat and Spotify. 

It`s known a lot about Instagram influencer marketing, but have you considered Spotify for this purpose? 

It is not just a streaming service but gets closer and closer to the social media network. Spotify plans to launch stories for influencer playlists in the nearest future. So heads up as this service is very promising for implying marketing strategies. 

Spotify Influencer marketing

On Spotify you are free to use playlists and podcasts to become an influencer or use other influencers for marketing purposes. Or just to attract more audience and increase brand loyalty.

Not at all like other social networks where potential clients lose their attention very quickly, podcasts keep the attention from the audience for at least 20 minutes. This sort of engagement is really rare in the web. So it is very recommended to promote podcasts on Spotify to get good results. 

Spotify is an emerging platform for opinion-leaders. It is just like a train that only has taken off so hurry up to jump on it in the coming years. 

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