9 Most Common Mistakes Businesses Make on Social Media?

Anyone who owns and runs a business should already know the fact that social media is important for their business. But still, there are many businesses out there who get it wrong from time to time. While there are a lot of resources available online about the best practices for business on social media, we see a lot of them are still using the wrong tactics. For that reason, we’re going to point out some of the most-common mistakes businesses make in this article. Hopefully, this will help you avoid making those mistakes and take your businesses social media presence to the next level.

1. Focusing on the quantity of followers, not the quality

It might feel right or good having hundreds of followers, but you can’t expect much out of it if they’re not interested in your business. There is almost 60% of Facebook users share business posts on Facebook, so if you want to beat your competitor, you need to find people who interested in yours.

2. Not posting engaging content regularly

You need to know who your audience is and your status updates should be used to say something interesting for them, so that people can engage with. Some 176 million people buy products online each year, so you just need engage them with your post.

3. Not converting viewers into buyers

Converting your audience into buyers is very crucial for your business’s existence. There is no point of having hundreds of people share your posts, because you’re not going to benefit from that unless they make a purchase. There is only 12% of people who see products advertised on social media will actually go on to make a purchase. For that reason, you need to make sure your posts are as convincing as possible.

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4. Focusing on too many social media channels

Unless you have a dedicated social media manger to deal specifically with your online efforts, you don’t want to be involved in too many different activities. Facebook has more than a billion users at the current time, so that is where you should focus most of your social media efforts.

5. Not building a “Brand Personality”

Increasing your brand awareness across social media is a common goal for businesses, and you cannot achieve that unless you have a strong “Brand Personality”. If people get an impression that your posts are way too generic and boring, they are less likely to make a purchase from you. You need to make sure that you personalize your every post before you publish them. For that reason, you need to appoint a dedicated social media manager. At the moment, only 22% of companies have one.

6. Engage in Spamming

The last thing you want to do is clutter your massaging and fail your social media goals and objectives. If your audience start to believe that, you’re posting too many “salesy” updates, they will simply stop giving attention to your post while scrolling through their feed, eventually stop receiving updates from you. Currently Spam accounts for almost 14 billion massages sent on social media every day.

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7. Doing everything manually

Posting all your status updated manually is not the right way of managing your social media account. There are lots of apps and websites out there, that allow you to plan, manage and schedule your social media activities from within one screen. You can use them to schedule posts beforehand and deal with engagements right from your mobile phone 24/7. Around 18% of business social media pages are now run this way.

8. Broadcasting the same massage across all channels

Not all channels work in the same way. Even if you want to promote the same post across all your social media accounts, it is a good idea for you to adjust them a little according to the best practices for those channels. That is because a certain aspect of your post might not give you same mileage over multiple sites.

9. Not having a strategy at all

Blindly sharing posts and hoping to do the right thing on social media networks is not a wise idea. You need a proven and well researched social media strategy that has been carefully planned. There is 53% of businesses who are currently using social media to grow their customer base, and by now almost 90% of them have a planned strategy for it.

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