6 Beneficial Ways How Technology Fosters Sales Coaching and Management

A team of high performing sales reps can determine your company’s revenues. Even a handful of them can leave a spectacular impact on the cash flow and growth. But in reality, the majority of your reps would be below average. That’s why sales coaching is no more an optional choice but a business necessity.

Successful sales coaching needs the collaboration of sales enablement and sales managers and reps for designing, participating, and executing the program. As per Forbes Insights, 74% of the organizations consider sales coaching as the manager’s crucial job role. Sadly, less than 15% of the companies have their sales coaching in place.

One way to ensure success is to implement accurate sales coaching technology. But before that, you should know how to use it. For instance, let’s say you want to hire an information technology assignment expert for help. Your first step would be to do thorough research to find the right professional. Similarly, for effective sales coaching:

  • Identify the areas you want to coach, and
  • Determine the ideal way to do it

How Technology Can Help You with Sales Coaching

Technology allows a sales manager to adopt a scalable approach to quickly identify, build, and strengthen the program required to boost reps’ performance and deliver results. On that note, don’t get carried away by the latest technology. Focus on your goal and adopt those technological tools that would yield maximum gains.

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Let’s now discuss the role of technology in coaching your sales reps.

  1. Develops a Sales Coaching Plan:

I remember when I was a student; I used to draft outlines for my programming assignments. It would help me to stay on track with my task and ensure that I complete my target within the stipulated time. Likewise, it’s crucial to develop an outline and mark the roles of the different management officials in the process to ensure the coaching is a success.

  1. Gathers sufficient data from your reps:

It might seem like an obvious suggestion but many out there who lack the necessary connection with their reps. Use technology to identify the learning gaps and requirements. Please focus on the weak areas instead of wasting time on the areas they are already good at.

  1. Makes quick and easy collaboration:

Yes, I know nothing beats collaborating with reps in person. But when you have a large team of reps spread all over the country, using technology would be the best alternative.

For example, my sales managers are in Adelaide, but they provide sales coaching directly to our reps in Sydney through my company’s sales enablement platform. Each rep receive specialist coaching on three vital aspects – selling skills, demo and account-based demand generation.

  1. Promotes peer to peer learning:

Sales coaching is about building your sales skills by finding the best way to do it. When you are a part of a small team, it gets easier to share practices within your organization. In the case of a large inside sales team, the ideal way to communicate is to adopt an automated learning system.

  1. Holds everyone accountable:

In the sales rep coaching process, everyone is accountable. Most managers allocate different training modules to reps and assume that all needs are covered. They typically focus on the lagging reps without investing much time in strategic skill development.

However, according to research, it’s the average and above-average reps who could benefit from coaching on core capabilities. That’s why leveraging technology is crucial to ensure all reps receive the attention they require for the maximum benefits.


  1. Builds social network:

Sales training is a continuous learning process. Technology has made networking far more accessible than ever. Building a social network of trained reps gives them a community to sustain and grow. You can develop closed systems for trainees and reps that have completed their sessions.

However, please don’t treat it as a post-training discussion group; take it as the opportunity to gather new training ideas.

Wrapping up,

Technology allows managers and instructors to engage with their team frequently and make connections. By leveraging technology, you can identify the strengths, weaknesses, and make decisions about how to improve their sales skills. Most live instructors use videos and recordings to accelerate knowledge. You can use technology to share pitches, and stories can inspire your reps to overcome the challenges of making sales. Always remember that selling is about developing relationships, and with technology, you can provide value to your sales teams.

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