9 Ways To Design A Stylish Workspace At Home

Find how to create a cozy and stylish workspace at home!

We all know that the work environment affects our mood and the way we work. Thus if you are working from home, you need to create a space that will keep you motivated and increase your productivity.  In case you are looking for ideas for workspace design, this text might be exactly what you need!

Working from home is not a new concept! Many freelancers are working remotely. They feel that this concept has a lot of advantages. For example,  they can work and travel,  don’t have to commute, etc. But, last spring, when the concept was introduced as a measure to stop the spread of coronavirus, plenty of folks were taken aback.  Firstly, all of a sudden, we found ourselves confronted with a public health threat and the fears it brought. Secondly, the idea that we couldn’t go to work, as usual, contributed to the sensations of insecurity and anxiety.  In these first months of the pandemic, most of us tried to make sure that we are doing the best we can under the new circumstances. Hoping that the situation won’t last long, we worked, without giving too much thought to workspace design ideas. 


But, as time passes and we see that the COVID 19 situation continues many of us realize that some things need to change. By now, it became apparent that many of us will keep on working from home, right? So why shouldn’t we make the best out of it, then?  Creating an enjoyable office workspace design is a must when you want to be at your best while working.  Since this is still a relatively new thing for many of us, we consulted some interior designers and experienced freelancers and asked them to share their office workspace design ideas.

How to Organize a Workspace Design?

Chose a Space for your Office

Everyone will tell you that this is the first thing to do. We understand that you may have gotten used to the idea of sitting on a couch while working.  It is not a good option, though, because our brains associate the couch with rest.  Ideally, you should have a separate room with a door that you can close.  If you are living in a small flat, transform the corner of your bedroom into a home office.  Doing that will help you get the motivation and inspiration you need to work. 

Invest in Furniture 

Don’t forget that even though you are working from home, you will still be spending at least five or six hours sitting. That is why you have to have a comfortable chair with good back support. There are plenty of stylish office chairs that will give that special touch to your home office. You need a large enough desk to put all the things you need. Those of you living in small spaces should consider getting multipurpose furniture. That way a table where you plan your diet and nutrition for productivity can also be a table where you work.

Add A Bookshelf 

Bookshelves are always a good choice for an office because they make the space look serious. If you have enough space, consider adding a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf to your home workspace design. If not, you might think about a wall mounted bookshelf.

Adequate Lighting is a Must  

We are sure that each of you saw at least once offices with a dim light? How did the people who worked there seem to you? Working in a space without daylight is pretty depressing, and naturally, people don’t feel motivated to do anything. That is why, when talking about workspace design and productivity, we insist that lighting plays a critical role. If you are working at night as well, consider installing lights that illuminate your room adequately. 

Combine Different Types of Wood

Some people will tell you that office furniture needs to be uniform to appear serious. But this is indeed an old fashion perspective. If you wish to include furniture made of different types of wood or in different colors, feel free to do so. It will give your office a unique and modern look. The only thing is that you have to take care of choosing what goes well with another. 

Optimize the Office 

Remember that you are not working in the cubical! So why should your home office look like you do? Okay, your office space is small! But that doesn’t prevent you from decorating it per your preference, now does it?  Hang photographs from your travels or posters of your favorite books, or whatever gives you positive energy on the wall. Also, don’t forget to find a place for a mini-fridge where you will keep the refreshments. 


Invest in Essentials 

A huge benefit of working from home is that you can create a workspace design that will make your job enjoyable. Don’t hesitate to invest in everything that can help you achieve that. If you like listening to music, make sure that you get the best Bluetooth/Wi-Fi speakers you can afford. The same stands for the computer as you need a good one to do your job. 

Organize Your Space 

The best thing if you want to be productive is to keep your workspace well organized. However, this doesn’t mean that equipment should be out of your reach. Equip the office with a tray where you can keep all the office supplies. Alternatively, you can keep boxes or baskets under your desk so everything you might need will be at hand’s reach.  

Create an Ambience of Your Choice 

It is one of the latest workspace design trends and our favorite. If you want to enjoy your stylish workspace design, ambiance plays a significant role. Find a place for scented candles or incense sticks, bring in some plants, etc. A piece of good ambient music also increases productivity.

Final Word 

We hope that this will return to normal and that you will be able to go back to work and spend time with your co-workers again. But here’s the thing! As you could see, working from home doesn’t have to be stressful at all if you create a great workspace design. On the contrary, it can be quite pleasant!  If you feel that you have a lot of time for organizing a workspace, don’t worry. These are just suggestions meant to inspire you to design an enjoyable and comfortable space. Maybe you already have some ideas?! Would you like to share them with us? 

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