Hiring A PHP Developer

It can be a risky and tough piece of work to develop a website for your company. You will not get any help from having an incomplete knowledge if you want to develop a dynamic website for your company. In this situation it will be better to hire a PHP developer for developing a functional dynamic website. But before opting for the services of PHP development you need to do proper planning. Profit is the main concern for some of the untrustworthy companies. A platform that is widely used for developing a website is PHP. Prepare yourself in the start so as to avoid any disaster as you move further. Now I am going to describe the top 8 questions to ask before hiring a PHP developer.

1. How much time you spent as a developer?

Usually, better solutions are provided by the experienced companies. For developing and implementing a website, various techniques are known to them. If right techniques and resources are present with these companies then from these companies go for hiring PHP developers. You can see their working process after visiting their sites.


2.Do you have your past projects’ work samples?

Before working for you they might have worked for some clients. Ask them to give details about how they worked with those clients. The details can be in the form of work samples. After allocating the task of building websites to them, will they deliver the quality work to you? You can easily get an idea about this after seeing the work samples.  

3.What mode of work you follow?

They may have undertaken some mode of work. You need to get information about this. Try to identify the expertise and experience of the PHP developer who will work for building your site. By whom the responsibility of the project will be taken? Will he provide you the report of the running project from time-to-time? You have to ask these questions from them.

4.What technology do you use for developing a website?

The work samples that they show you may be different from what you expect your website to be. Thus, you have to ensure that they will deliver you a website as per your expectations. What PHP framework will be used by them and will it fulfil your expectations? For getting assurance that your website will be developed in an efficient manner you need to consult a PHP expert.

5.How much will you charge for providing your services?

How much money will they charge for developing your website? Will there be any additional charges for the changes made in the development process of the website? If you want your project to complete very soon then how much will they charge from you? You need to ask these questions from them. Enquire about the services and packages that they offer and also the costs associated.

6.How much time will you take for completing the project?

Before agreeing for the project, it is very important for you to know about the time that they will take for completing the project. Check if they have segmented the task into different time frames and see the progress of the task in each time frame.

7.Will you provide any further services after the development of the website?

An important role will be played by the after services when a functional website will be fully developed by them. You will require their help in the beginning to know how the website will work because there is a possibility that you don’t have any idea of how the website will work. You will not think about hiring them for developing your website if they will not provide you the required customer service.

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8.Do you have a knowledge of CSS?

A large number of PHP developers give priority to coding. The website’s design or look is not so important for them. They think that the design aspects of the website will be taken care off by a website designer. It is necessary for him to have a knowledge of managing the CSS codes. It can result in the project delay if he doesn’t have the knowledge of managing CSS codes.

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