Best Ceiling Decoration Ideas in Low Budget for Living Room

The perfect ceiling designs for the perfect home varies for each room and depending on the available space. There are infinite patterns and colors to choose from the surrounding walls and the overall theme of the house. From wood ceiling to beam ceiling, cove ceiling to the highly popular drop ceiling, these beautiful ceiling inspirations and ceiling ideas give a room that exclusive and exceptional feel you’re after.

The creative ceiling idea for bedroom and living rooms is the blueprint of happiness for you and your family. Everyone wants a lovely sight to behold a modern, stylish, and chic ceiling on the top.

Add a dose of glamour and fun with some of the latest, trending and best ceiling ideas suitable for your living space and bedroom. Play with designs, types, colors & texture and see the difference — indeed you can set a new ceiling of beauty for your home.

Living space is the most prominent space in your home and a place where you welcome guests. It needs to look beautiful and impressive. You can achieve it with stunning statement ceiling ideas that will keep you and guests in awe for sure.


The Rustic Wooden Ceiling Design

Wood is a warm regular material ideal for rural house ceilings. The natural wood discharges a lovely smell giving your home a great characteristic scent. 

There is a horde of wood ceiling thoughts to make a comfortable vibe. You can utilize different shades and make numerous surfaces by blending and coordinating distinctive wood types for your ceiling plan.

Mirrors Reflect Ultra Modern Style

How about covering up the ceiling or putting only one huge in the center of a room with interesting Living room ceiling mirrors? Indeed it reflects sheer joy when you look up to see your image while relaxing in the most comfortable bed.


Metallic Ceiling Design 

Have you ever think about the metallic rooftop? This structure is totally different from anything you’ve at any point seen previously. In the event that you need a room with darker tones, metallic ceilings are for you. 

Metallic ceilings can make a room look diminish so this structure is perfect for bedrooms. Utilize a low balancing crystal fixture with your metallic ceiling configuration to give your stylistic layout a gothic appearance. You can use metallic ceilings in your Garages or outdoor buildings too. 

Illuminate your home with our stylish ceiling lamps

You can style up your home with vibrant shades and the modern ceiling lamps which are marketed by us through our shopping site and get them at cost-effective prices. You can bring these lavish lanterns to your home and get it fixed in your drawing room, bedroom or dining room. As your guests will pay you a visit they will feel enlighten and pleasured to get a sight of them.

Attic Style Ceilings

Living room with attic styled slanted or sloping roofs lend a unique charm to the coziest nook in the house. A unique countryside cottage charm is what you are going to experience and enjoy.

Origami-Like Ceiling Structure

Modern homes, for example, La Peña House in Mexico may have concrete as a primary structural material. Light, both characteristic and counterfeit, is continually throwing shadows on the ceiling, making a powerful structure for the duration of the day and a static appearance during the night.


Modern Wallpaper Ceiling Design 

Indeed times are changing and so is the experimentation of interior decorators opting for wallpaper designing for ceilings. Modern ceiling wallpapers look fresh with interesting patterns and beautiful paintings. Fresco painting ceiling wallpapers can look so very appealing. The mural painting on wallpaper is sure to lend a European look to the living space.


Coffered Ceiling

If you are neither impressed with the tray ceilings nor with the exposed beam ceilings, you should consider coffered ceilings. It looks like a grid that has repetitive sunken squares or rectangles that are spread across the ceiling. Designers made these ceilings in a way that imitates wood whereas others paint them in solid colors. The centers of grid boxes in these ceilings often have flush-mount lights installed. This room style is considered an ideal choice for big halls, dining rooms, living rooms and drawing rooms.

Draped Ceilings Lends

Ceiling drapes, also dubbed as ceiling swags create a mesmerizing effect in the bedrooms. It has a focal point from where the ceiling stretches out akin a canopy. You can cover up the existing ceiling with ceiling draping fabric of your preference.


Lights Illuminate ceiling Design 

Lights have a role to play. It acts as a mood enhancer when you are looking for quiet, tranquil, and personal moments. False ceilings decorated with twinkle ceiling lights look amazing.


Stucco Ceiling

Spectacular ceilings utilize innovative vision started just when somebody needs another point of view. In this soul, Gisele Taranto Architecture envisioned a spectacular main bedroom with an intriguing point of convergence: the dim stucco ceiling. Embellished with deliberately clamorous cuts that let light radiate through, this bedroom demonstrates that the utilization of a remarkable creative mind characterizes varied refinement.

Modern Tray Ceiling Design

Searching for that extra-modern touch to bring to your living room, dining space or bedroom? These next three models are a minor departure from a similar subject: a modern plate ceiling designs. A geometric cutting in the ceiling uncovered long portions of wood. This straightforward geometry gives a fascinating turn to the refined inside.


Exposed Beams Ceiling

This trend is gaining popularity these days. Newly constructed homes, especially bungalows have exposed beam ceilings that are usually made out of wood. The beams installed in the roof are usually artificial and not original. These beams usually comprise built-in spotlights that further multiply their effectiveness. 

Exuberant Appeal of Ceiling Tiles

Tiles are no more a flooring solution to tread upon in style. Ceiling tiles are the in thing now. You can get an ornamental look with ceiling tiles. Acoustic ceiling tiles, suspended ceiling tiles, tin ceiling layout, and metal ceiling layout are the raging trends.

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