A motivated employee is an engaged, creative, and productive employee. That’s why companies all over the world are constantly looking for innovative ways to ensure their workplace culture is positive and productive. The traditional way of catching up with your employees once a year for a performance review or throwing an office party to celebrate a holiday simply isn’t good enough anymore. 

We have noticed many new trends emerging this year that promise to revolutionize workplace culture. But, with so many new trends it’s hard to know where to focus your time and budget. That’s why CloudDesk has taken a look at a few of the latest employee motivation trends and chosen the seven we believe offer the greatest impact.

Employee motivation is becoming more and more important

The topic of employee motivation is something which more and more managers are interested in! Many businesses are realizing the potential of employee motivation. Various programs aimed at increasing employee motivation are introduced by different companies daily. 

Millennials are becoming a bigger part of the workforce

Millennials are the largest living adult generation. By 2030 they are expected to make up to 75% of the workforce. Therefore, businesses need to adjust their employee motivation strategies to this generation! Millennials are driven by open communication, a working culture they admire, and an employer who cares about social causes.  


Feedback is essential

One of the biggest trends we have witnessed is how omnipresent feedback is. This includes not only feedback from your teammates or your manager but also customer feedback. Often reward systems are tied to customer feedback so that employees can see the direct impact they make to the final customer. This gives them a feeling of purpose and meaning. 

Next level work-life balance

Even though a work-life balance has been very important so far, now it has reached the next level. Flexibility about work time and working from home is one of the biggest motivation tools for the majority of employees. Keep up with the times and make sure to offer a good work-life balance to all your employees in order to avoid burnout and absenteeism.

Two-way trust factor 

Today’s employees want to work in an environment where mutual trust is present and their efforts are well documented. As a result, the use of employee productivity monitoring software has increased. Companies now have no excuse to ever doubt a team member, no corporate politics should ever impact a great team member’s performance review. On the other hand, an employee gets the peace of mind by knowing that all his hard work and extra efforts are getting logged.


Offer training

Nowadays, employees take for granted that they will be offered various options for learning. Offering training is seen as something which every employer should do, not only to motivate their employees but also to empower them to grow within the company. Constant learning is crucial for the motivation of your stuff. 

Employee rewards program

Finally one of the biggest trends of 2019 is employee rewards and recognition! By investing in a rewards program, you will not only increase your employee motivation but also increase their engagement levels, job satisfaction, and productivity. Employee rewards are a wonderful way to show your stuff that you care about them and you value their efforts. 


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