How Office Furniture Can Affect Workplace Productivity

How Office Furniture Can Affect Workplace Productivity

As an employee, you probably spend more time in the office than at home, specifically on weekdays. An office is like a second home to most employees. With 24 hours in a day, you’re most likely to stay in the office for about 8-10 hours. This is why it’s essential for companies to start prioritizing employee comfortability and a pleasant working environment. Providing a positive environment for employees will most likely increase employee work productivity, happiness, mood, and other emotions.

Meanwhile, furniture is one of the most remarkable things in an office. Adding the right kinds of furniture can give your office space an accent. However, office furniture is not solely for design purposes. In fact, it can actually improve work productivity and organization. Aside from that, it can save you from further company expenses and casualties. Spicing things up a bit and adding appropriate furniture in the office can also help with an employee’s health condition. Listed below are a few factors on how office furniture can affect workplace productivity:

Reduces Pain and Increases Comfortability

[Low] back pain is a common problem among workplaces nowadays. Employees work from 8 am to 5 pm with only a few breaks in between. Sitting down on uncomfortable chairs for a whole day can cause serious back problems. Obviously, work productivity will start to decrease if employees keep missing work because of severe back pains, hospital check-ups, and the like.

Consider using ergonomic furniture to alleviate discomfort among all employees. Lots of ergonomic furniture can be found in a Philippine office furniture store and you can choose from a wide range of tables, chairs, and a lot more. If you can, try switching from hard and rigid chairs to comfortable or padded office chairs to allow employees to relax on their seats once in a while. However, don’t opt for chairs that are way too comfortable and reclinable, because too much comfortability and relaxation can also decrease work productivity.

Encourages Engagement and Interaction

Office cubicles are so 1980s. In today’s time, more and more workplaces are starting to adopt an open plan desking system, wherein employees still have individual workspaces, but without a division or a cubicle. Isolation can only cause negative emotions amongst people in the office. With an open plan table system, employees are encouraged to interact, collaborate, and work more with one another.

Also, it helps team member feel like they’re equal parts of a team, but with respect to superiors still. Open plan desking systems can improve work productivity more these days because communication is more accessible and manageable, time is spent wisely (instead of going from one cubicle to another), and tasks completion is quicker and more efficient.

Keeps Employees Organized

Office disorganization is a common obstacle, especially for workplaces who accumulate so much paper each day. What’s worse is that a little office disorganization could eventually lead to decreased work productivity and employee frustration. Proper office furniture like storage cabinets, cubby holes, or boxes should be placed within the workplace to keep employees organized and productive. Who even wants to work in a messy jungle, right?

Reduces Stress

Adding a touch of nature in your workplace can ease stress and promote a more calm and peaceful environment. Nature is known for bringing peace and tranquility; that’s why offices need to put or add more plants at work. Plants are known to reduce stress, and when employees start to feel less stressed, then they can get on with their work and unknowingly finish tasks in no time. This can also give them a sense of responsibility because plants need to be taken care of, and employees can check up on the plants and water them from time to time.

The Feeling of Being Valued

Providing your employees with high-quality furniture like comfortable office chairs, spacious desks, and storage areas can make them feel that they are highly valued. When employees go to work with neat and organized stuff, they’ll be even more motivated to work and finish all their tasks within the day. So you see, there is increased work productivity if you know how to value and appreciate an employee! It all boils down to how you treat your workers and how important their comfortability or wellness is to you.

Wrapping Up

Workplaces today are indeed stepping up their game when it comes to office interior. Comfortable office chairs and other furniture, storage cubby holes, and open plan desking systems are everywhere. However, your office designs should still be fit with whatever purpose you have so the company, the employees, and even clients can get the most out of it.

How Office Furniture Can Affect Workplace Productivity

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