Smartphone Apps Realtors Can Take Advantage Of

Nowadays, people live in a world full of anything digital – smartphones, tablets, desktop computers. However, most applications that could help flourish one’s business, especially in the real estate industry, are always overlooked. Almost everyone, if not all, depends solely on gadgets for most things. Want to book a ride? You can do it through Grab or Uber on your smartphone. Hungry and can’t get out of the house? Have FoodPanda or GrabFood deliver your cravings right at your doorstep. Smartphone apps are starting to take over the digital world today, considering the convenience and accessibility it brings to everyone.

That being said, real estate agents or brokers really need to step up their game when it comes to digital marketing. Many smartphone apps nowadays are available for you to utilize, and these apps can definitely help you when it comes to marketing and selling your properties. Not only that, but you also get to manage your social media profiles, keep track of real-time data and updates, interact with potential customers, and so much more. Listed in this article are a couple of smartphone apps realtors can use in marketing, selling, promoting, and managing the business.

Google Maps

Google Maps is one simple yet effective app that can help both real estate agents and home buyers navigate and locate each other quickly. Google Maps are often used when real estate agents and home buyers want to visit and do site trippings on specific properties. Aside from that, the app also helps you find out how you can arrive at a particular destination (with an ETA) by walking, by a vehicle, or by public transportation.

Google Maps also allow users (especially home buyers) to locate the nearest available properties. For example, you’re in Tagaytay on a holiday, and you suddenly thought of acquiring property within the area; Google Maps can suggest for sale lots in Tagaytay Highlands. So you see, not only it’s advantageous to real estate agents and brokers but to users as well!


DotLoop is a popular real estate app that helps real estate agents with work productivity, task management, and [online] transactions. It tracks workflow, enables a collaborative and flexible work environment, and monitor other data. Real estate agents can create, modify, and access contracts anytime and anywhere they want. Not only that, but it also allows realtors to locate and process transactions at any time of the day, with any device.


DocuSign brings so much convenience not only to real estate agents but to clients as well. DocuSign allows you to sign documents through any device anytime and anywhere you want. Are you having troubles with contradicting schedules? Coming from far places and transaction documents need to be signed ASAP? No need to worry because, with DocuSign, you can view, sign, and send out documents while on the go.


This app is also a popular app in the real estate industry. It allows realtors to engage and interact with clients through videos. In the app, you can record live videos featuring different properties, client testimonials, property walk-throughs, and a lot more. After recording these live videos, you can choose whether or not to connect it with your company’s Twitter account so that it could gain more views.

PDF Reader Mobile App

Having a portable PDF reader on your smartphone is very necessary. It allows you to view important documents such as land titles and contracts on your device even when you’re on the go. Besides that, it provides you with editing features where you can update and sign contracts, fill out needed forms, highlight key things or factors, and add notes. All this you can do even when you’re not working on your desktop.


Vert is an app that helps real estate agents provide exact and accurate data or measurements to clients. It can easily convert area measurement or sizes from length to width to other metric references. Real estate agents wouldn’t have problems anymore when it comes to answering property size questions from clients.


As a real estate agent, you always have to make sure that you have a handy compass with you, even if it’s only on your smartphone. Some clients are very particular when it comes to house orientation, mainly because of the influence of the Chinese through Feng Shui. Also, some clients might want their home balconies, windows, or terraces to face either where the sun rises or where the sun sets.


LinkedIn is a popular app mainly used for business purposes. Through LinkedIn, real estate agents can freely promote and advertise themselves or their companies. Potential clients are all over this platform because LinkedIn also allows you to post contact information, which can help clients directly interact with you.


For real estate agents, Dropbox serves as an online cloud where you can store, pull out, and disseminate data anywhere and anytime you want. Save yourself the hassle of accumulating and keeping so much papers and documents within the day by getting the Dropbox app. It will not only help you save time, but it can also help you organize individual files and legal documents, and send it right away to clients.

Wrapping Up

Now that you’re well aware of some of the most useful apps that realtors can take advantage of, maybe you can start downloading all these into your smartphone to make you an even more productive real estate agent. Not only will it help manage and organize relevant documents, but in a way, it can also help market and sell your products and services. Work is already a very challenging thing; why not make it less challenging and more convenient by starting to depend on technology?

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