How To Build A Brand Online?

Online branding is about getting more online visibility for your brand in front of the audience that matters most for your business. In our today’s post we are going to take a look at the top 10 strategies to build a brand online:

Get your targeting right

Before embarking on your journey to launch a online marketing campaign, set a target audience fit for your business provided by audience-targeting platforms, that way you can get to the target audience that matter most to your campaign goal without a lot of goofing around with inefficient mass marketing.

For target audience reference, just analyze your existing customer database from CRM and talk  to your sales guys to determine your “ideal” prospect’s persona and use your findings to setup a solid online marketing strategy.

Set KPI’s and goals for your online branding campaigns

With online branding, there is no set-it-and-forget-it way of marketing. In fact, there’s no such thing in any type of marketing. So, before starting your online branding campaign, setup some KPI’s and goals and then use them to form your campaign strategies and tactics. That way, you’ll not only have a better chance of achieving them, you’ll also know where you ended up short and what kind of adjustments you need to make, so it doesn’t happen that way again.

Always A/B test your campaign creatives

Were you going to create landing pages and ad copies that doesn’t matter to your target audience? Of course not! However, it can happen even when you don’t try if you aren’t willing to A/B test your ad copies and landing pages using some smart analytics. Every ad platform these days comes with A/B testing features, and make sure you use them properly.

A/B testing process is simple. Create multiple ads with one variable, run them both with slimier budget, rotation policy and target audience, then analyze the results to eliminate the under-performing ones and try to outperform the winning one with a newer variation. Keep doing it until you reach your campaign goal.

Keep tracking your audience of growth opportunity

Many businesses waste their valuable resources on marketing to audience who end up on their website looking for  career opportunities, free downloadable’s or people from an industry that has a history of taking all of your sales guys’s time and energy.

Web analytics can help you determine which marketing channels and audiences are most effective for your business at the best possible rates, so you can invest more in the channels and audiences that matter most to your business and your bottom line.

Establish thought leadership

Online branding is all about establishing superiority in terms of knowledge, capability and trustworthiness and then cashing in on your promise to use that trust to help your customers get what they want.

Using a blog in conjunction with your online brand building campaigns will not only reinforce the fact that your company is a thought-leader but also provide you a lot on online visibility on search engines through the contents you write there.

Make your brand memorable with display ads

When you place display ads, it improves the result of your search marketing, e-mail marketing, and social media marketing results. Why? Because it makes your brand more memorable. Your brand always remains at the back of their mind, and a familiar brand increases branded search, e-mail subscription, and confidence when sharing on social sites.

Keep your targeting broad while starting

Always cast a wider net while starting your online campaign, and then optimize your targeting cafeterias according to the analytics to improve efficiency and ROI. It will never work the other way around, because how can you know if something is good or bad for your business unless you A/B test them? You need to setup, track and analyze the data from a wider audience before you can determine which audience or channel is most profitable for your business.

Don’t forget to implement cross channel re-targeting

Re-targeting campaigns are basically the most refined example of classic pull marketing strategy. Re-targeting starts with your website or social visitors, so you can launch a much more targeted advertising and that goes perfectly with your messaging, frequency and placement. It also matches with the precise interests of your target audience at the exact time their interests are at their peak. Your return on investment will be boosted, and your customers will love you for being there when they needed your product or service.

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