How to improve the customer experience (CX)?

Customer experience is number of priority for many businesses, especially if you are in the service industry. It can be the driver of growth and sustainability in many industries as well. But not all the businesses taking advantage of this key metric because of not knowing how to improve customer experience (CX). So, we have put together a list of things that your customer service or the front line team needs to start doing to improve the customer experience.

Don’t take it personally

Life on the front lines can be tough. Upset customers can be short; angry customers can be hurtful. But these moments are rarely personal and taking it personally only hurts you and your ability to resolve the situation.

Prevent service triggers

Identify the service triggers, which represent common hot buttons that set customers off. From being ignored to being disrespected, making sure customer triggers aren’t pulled can prevent many service issues from occurring in the first place.

Put your best face on

To improve the customer experience – deliver superior customer service, propel your career forward, and be the team member, make sure you always have your professional face on at work. Customers deserve a great experience — and your best face.

Make first impressions count

Customers make immediate judgments about you and your organization within seconds of the initial encounter. First impressions have a huge impact on customer experience — make sure your customer’s have a great one!

Be your customers detective

Create more successful customer experiences and prevent a large number of service issues by perusing every reasonable alternative to satisfy the customer. Never come back empty handed, even if the only thing you bring back is how hard you tried.

Smile when you dial

While many nonverbal cues are lost over the phone, one important physical cue that transmits just fine is smiling. One study demonstrated that human beings can not only differentiate vocal intonation between a smile and a non-smile but also among different types of smiles.

Ask questions, lots of questions

Without questions, everything in customer service is harder; yet for far too many front-line reps, answers are are the first reaction to any customer service interaction. Questions help you identify needs, wants and concerns. Use them to improve the customer experience.

Use power words

Some words are powerful not because of their specific meaning but because they have the same general impact on most people. Words like appreciate and understand are two power words that can make any dialogue more effective.

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