Scala Hosting – A Scalable Web Hosting Company From Dallas

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Scala Hosting LLC is a web hosting and Cloud solutions company based in Dallas, Texas with staff in multiple countries.

Key features and benefits 

As their slogan says it all – “Scalable hosting solutions” – they provide their customers an option to pay for as much as they need. They can start small and grow big eventually. At the same time, the customer gets tones of benefits by using their services. They have our own R&D department developing innovative solutions to increase the value for their customer. These innovations save money and at the end of the month the customer pays less and gets more.


They offer one of the most competitive pricing in the world at the moment for their top product – Managed SSD Cloud VPS with a control panel and daily backups.

The customers

50 000+ customers from 120 countries are hosting around 700 000 websites with Scala Hosting. Most of their customers are individuals, small business owners, developers, enterprise customers.


Scala Hosting successfully competes with all the major hosting companies which people know about today. Their managed SSD VPS service has the best efficiency in terms of what the customer gets for their money and for this they are open to being challenged by anyone who has doubts by providing on-demand comparisons with their competitors. The value they bring is much higher than any other company in the world. Everyone can confirm themselves either by looking at the comparison they prepared based on their our own research.

Marketing Strategy

They use digital sales/marketing tools such as AdWords, social media, affiliates, and most importantly word-of-mouth. Their marketing goal is to build strong relationships in the enterprise segment in order to get their products to a much larger audience and reach more customers.

Future Goal

Their goal is really very simple – they want to allow every website owner to have their own managed VPS at an affordable price. This will make the Internet a much safer place for everyone because the VPS provides hundreds of times higher security than shared hosting.

Bragging Rights

  • ScalaHosting is one of the very few global cloud & web-hosting providers, which still maintains its Facebook review page active with 4.6 out of 5 score, and we all know that this type of reviews cannot be paid to be changed or deleted.
  • Trustpilot ranked ScalaHosting as one of the Top 10 Best Web hosting companies in the world. 
  • They will migrate all your sites and transfer all your files and databases for free!
  • Fully Managed SSD Cloud VPS solution, starting at $12/m, does not have any global price competition and ready to be challenged by anyone!
  • 16+ Years in the web hosting industry, 700k+ Websites hosted, 50k+ individual clients from 120 countries.

Business Info

Business Name: Scala Hosting
Address: 415 Fountain Side Drive, Euless, TX 76039
Telephone: +1 682 503 1435 
Human resource: 50

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