How To Support Employee Wellness Goals

Employees all across the world have been faced with much adversity and abnormal challenges as a result of the Coronavirus, and have struggled to efficiently and effectively balance their corporate work duties along with maintaining a healthy physical, emotional and occupational wellbeing. Employers should see this as a great opportunity to assist and support their employees during these difficult and uncertain times by prioritizing the personal, professional and holistic wellbeing of their employees. When wellness goals are set out, physical and mental well-being are positively impacted and improved as it provides individuals with a strong sense of being in control of their lives and destiny. This is especially important and extremely necessary during times when things seem to be out of hand and out of our control. 

The Impact Of The Coronavirus Pandemic On Corporate Employees 

A new year for most people is accompanied with the feeling of a fresh start and many are drawn towards establishing a renewed focus on making greater efforts in better looking after their health and well-being. This is often where the urge to establish New Year Resolutions stem from, which often include taking more time out to exercise regularly, follow a healthy diet/eating plan as well as improve their levels of fitness in order to lose weight and stay healthy. Setting New Year’s resolutions is easy, however sticking to those resolutions can be challenging and tougher than expected if it is not accompanied by an effective support system. This year is a lot different to previous years when it was much easier to follow through on resolutions, as this year many are still met with extended lockdown regulations, having to cope with working from home, having to find new employment after being retrenched as well as the general distress that the pandemic has brought into the lives of many. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a significant increase in depression rates as a result of concerns regarding employment and job certainty, increased isolation as well as health-related issues and stress. The pandemic has also caused a lack of motivation in many people, especially in corporate employees as working from home has in some cases caused a decrease in productivity levels. Lastly, the pandemic has made it extremely difficult for corporate employees to establish and maintain a good and effective work-life balance. This is because many have found it difficult to set out time for self-care and relaxation. 

Ways In Which Employers Can Offer Support To Their Employees 

There are many ways in which employers are able to assist and support their employees with the effects of the pandemic. Supporting and encouraging employees to become more motivated does not only positively impact employees, but also has a significant impact on the success of a business. This is because when employees are happy and healthy they are more inclined to put in great amounts of effort into their work which leads to better employee performance and overall job satisfaction. 

  • Encourage Employees To Set Personal And Professional Goals

Providing employees with tools in order to help them with set goals and become more motivated is a good first step in offering your support. Encouraging your employees to set personal and professional goals as well as providing them with the necessary tools in order to reach their goals is a simple yet effective way to keep your employees motivated and driven. Helping employees set physical, emotional and mental goals allows them to feel a sense of purpose and belonging. 

  • Establish Remote Wellness Benefits 

Working remotely has indeed become a part of our lifestyle, and it appears as though it will remain that way for a while to come. This is why it is important for employers and corporate organizations to provide employees with easily accessible wellness benefits that employees can make use of even when working from home. This could range from anything between providing remote working employees with an allowance for fitness equipment to be used at home, to providing remote working employees access to virtual physical fitness classes. Making use of effective corporate wellness applications is a great way to ensure that remote employees are able to feel a sense of belonging and are able to better look after their health. 

  • Offer Incentives As A Means Of Motivation 

It is common for employees, and human beings in general, to need a little extra push in order to make their health and well-being a priority. Introducing platforms where employees are recognized and rewarded for their commitment to living a healthy lifestyle and for achieving any fitness and health related milestone. Financial incentives, extra time off as well as gift cards/vouchers/coupons are all examples of effective ways to reward employees for leading a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Offering Support For Mental Health-Related Issues 

Offering support to employee wellness does not only include the physical aspect of wellbeing but should also focus and prioritize the mental health of an employee. 2020 was especially difficult for most employees as many were met with the effects of covid fatigue which include anxiety, being emotionally and spiritually drained, increased depression as well as a strong lack of motivation. Offering counselling sessions as well as support groups in the form of virtual therapy sessions are significant tools for efficient and free flowing communication and engagement amongst employees and employers. 

  • Using A Great Employee Wellness Application

Employee wellness applications provide companies with a single, easy-to-access platform in which employers and employees are able to connect with, encourage and support one another when it comes to healthy lifestyle choices, being physically active and feeling a sense of belonging. 

CircleCare Employee Wellness App 

The CircleCare employee wellness app has been designed to increase the levels of employee engagement and employee wellbeing of a company by providing a company with a single platform in which they are able to encourage their employees through positive reinforcements and rewards in the aim of their employees creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The employee wellness app is a holistic app as it focuses on the physical, social and occupational wellbeing of users. CircleCare is a great tool to use when needing to keep employees encouraged as it is a fun and engaging platform that motivates your workforce to achieve their health goals and participate in custom challenges. Employees are able to earn care points by being active and burning calories, regularly logging their vitals, sharing experiences with fellow colleagues and taking their medicine on a consistent basis. 

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