What does facility management software do?

Running and managing numerous building facilities might be a demanding undertaking if you have to do it the traditional manner. You have to maintain and manage different building systems (some examples are HVAC, security, alarms, elevators), keep a clear communication channel with your occupants, and guarantee all spaces are utilized efficiently and effectively so that you can optimize your profit.

It’s one thing to maintain all building systems running harmoniously. Making sure that dangers to inhabitants and customers are eliminated and then maintaining all facilities sustainable are two separate things entirely. With CloudApper Facilities Application, facilities managers are able to put and manage them all and more into a single, manageable web-based dashboard.

Instead of running around with checklists and risk missing and misplacing maintenance requests, everything is centralized, repetitive tasks are automated and resources are strategically assigned and utilized so you and your team can perform all your functions pertaining to maintenance and repair of your facilities at an efficient and productive level.

Here few factors that underscore the importance of a facilities management software to your organization.

1. Streamline Repair and Maintenance Tasks

Property managers and retail owners desire to focus their energies bringing customers to their business and producing sales. They surely don’t want to be saddled with equipment troubles and system outages.

With a facility management solution, they are able to monitor the state of their facilities and assets in real-time. With CloudApper’s facilities management software, they can create repair and maintenance schedule for their systems ahead of time and automate the issuance of the maintenance/repair request to their contractor partner when particular criteria are satisfied or certain triggers are engaged.

Property managers and business owners no longer have to spend additional time working with repair and maintenance employees. They may effortlessly manage requests using CloudApper Facilities. The software offers repair and maintenance partners with all the specifics, getting them started with the information they need so they can fix the issue as quickly as possible.

2. Ensure the long-term viability of equipment and systems

In order to get the most out of their assets, CloudApper Facilities helps users maximize the value of their business. Tools and capabilities for asset management are included in the package.

They run longer and more efficiently if they are properly maintained and serviced on an ongoing basis. Maintenance data and analytics provided by CloudApper facility management software can assist you in deciding whether to schedule repairs, maintenance, or replacement of your equipment. As a result, you get a better return on your investment by reducing downtime and increasing production.

3. Construct Buildings That Use Less Energy

In order to function, commercial and industrial buildings rely on a variety of facilities and systems. HVAC, water purification and lighting systems consume a significant amount of power, which is reflected in their operating costs.

CloudApper’s facility management software can help uncover methods to make key facilities and systems more energy-efficient, which is great news for everyone involved! If you’d like to learn which systems are consuming the most energy, find out what’s causing it, and come up with ideas to reduce energy consumption, you may do a complete energy audit.

4. Plan and Execute Critical System Layouts

When it comes to vital facilities like HVAC, elevators, garbage disposal and water filtration for buildings alone, businesses may expect to pay enormous sums of money. If these systems were constructed with inadequate materials or put out in a way that hinders performance, imagine the running costs your firm will suffer.

Analytical reports on performance, energy audits CloudApper Facilities gives facility managers, architects, construction designers, and system installers a complete image of the entire facility. This feature enables them to plan system installs in a way that maximizes efficiency and returns on investment.

5. Real-time monitoring and management of facilities

Managers of the facilities aren’t always on-hand. They may, however, access the facility management dashboard from anywhere, thanks to advancements in mobile technology. A mobile app for iOS and Android platforms, CloudApper Facilities allows customers to quickly check on the health of their facilities, timetables for repairs, and more.

The Advancement of Technology

The market for facility management software is on the rise, with more and more companies using it.

In 2018, the facilities management market was valued at $35.92 billion, according to several studies. By the end of 2024, the industry is predicted to be worth $72.43 billion more than it is today.

Growth in the facility management market is driven by increased infrastructure expenditures and the growing demand for energy efficiency and process improvements. Contact us today to learn more about our CloudApper facility management software and how it can help you stay ahead of the digital curve.

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