It’s like having a speed camera in your pocket with this app

Mobile application Speedcam Anywhere enables users measure the speed of any vehicle by filming it for a few seconds and analyzing the results. It’s no surprise that it’s causing a stir in the UK, where it’s now only accessible.

Anyone may use this program to transform their smartphone into a speed camera. ”

All you have to do to determine a car’s top speed is point your mobile device camera at it and record it for a short period of time (in a stationary position, without following it).

Afterwards, the film will be analyzed, and the vehicle’s speed will be determined to within around 3 km/h. of accuracy

The application is based on credits, so keep that in mind. More than 1,000 videos are included in the fee of £14.99 (about RM82.90). After each video is uploaded to the publisher’s servers, an algorithm analyzes it to determine its popularity.

As a consequence, you’ll receive an email with a detailed report. This report details the exact area where the incident occurred, as well as the vehicle’s speed relative to the approved speed at the time of filming.

In addition, the most recent data on traffic accidents and air pollution and noise pollution are included in this report.

If you’re looking for a way to find out who owns a certain type of vehicle, this app isn’t going to help.

In metropolitan locations, pedestrians are particularly at risk from speeding vehicles, and our application was created to address this issue

Using the app while standing on the side of the road is suggested. In no way, shape, or form should it be used while in motion.

According to the publisher, it is legal to photograph private property and persons in public places, with the significant exception of minors, in the United Kingdom.

Since local rules and regulations can differ from country to country, Speedcam Anywhere is now only accessible in the United Kingdom on Google Play (Android).

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