September 26, 2022
mobile monitoring system for your facility

There are several advantages to a mobile monitoring system, including increased productivity, lower expenses, better data quality and faster access to information.

Add Value to Your Work

Several organizations use KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to track progress, and equipment efficiency may be measured by examining factors such as production rate, downtime, and overall quality. By using a mobile-based facility monitoring system, anybody can instantly gather this data and send it to the system for examination. According to a recent assessment, a mobile-based remote site monitoring system has the potential to enhance productivity by 15% to 50%.

To Save Money

Automatic management of maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) inventory is an excellent use of a mobile-based facility management and monitoring system. As a result, you’ll save money on storage and management costs while ensuring that the things you need are always immediately available for reactive and preventative maintenance needs.

Improve Your Data

When humans operate machines to monitor, track and record information, mistakes can happen. There are two types of systems that may be used for this purpose: one that is operated by human staff, and another operated by an automated system that reads and transmits essential data.

Instant Access to Data

Making important judgment calls and decisions, whether in the boardroom or on the front lines, necessitates having the correct information at the right time. A mobile-based facility monitoring system offers immediate access to crucial information. It is possible to draw up the asset’s repair and maintenance history to evaluate the asset’s operation, rectify faults, or flag any prospective for future issues. For example, facilities managers may prioritize maintenance requests more efficiently by assessing the condition of all essential assets and systems in one central area.

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