Marketing Strategies for Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Pages

Facebook is a platform that is doing wonders for businesses. You might think that Facebook is old school compared to Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, however, let us tell you that this is old is still Gold.

Facebook still has a huge population that is using this platform, and it keeps coming up with all the tools and resources that can only benefit your business in terms of targeting a bigger customer audience, building relationships, and therefore getting a huge return on investments.

Nowadays, people think having your website is not that important, but having a Facebook business page is all you need. This is how the Facebook business page has made its place in the business sector.

Facebook especially works out for small businesses. So whether you have a business for selling paint sprayers or titan 440 repacking kits, you can start with making a Facebook business page as the first step toward your marketing and business journey. The best thing about Facebook business is that setting up a page is free, and they’re a lot of tools and resource that you can use without having to spend thousands of dollars.


We have further listed down marketing strategies for your Facebook business page that will help you grow in the industry and widen up your customer ways.

Marketing Strategies for Your Facebook Business Page


Set your Marketing  Goal  for  Facebook


Facebook marketing can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use it to create brand awareness or to introduce a new product in the market. Or you might want to increase your sales and customer engagement.

Depending upon what your goal is you can plan for an effective marketing strategy. A lot of research is required to recognize what your business goal should be and what your business should be focusing on right now. 

If you are not sure of what your Facebook business goal should be, let us list down a few common goals that a business usually focuses on:

  • Increase sales
  • Increase customer reach
  • Build valuable customer relationships
  • Track progress through social media analytics
  • Business Growth
  • Lead the Industry

Know your Audience



The reason Facebook is doing wonders for businesses is that it can provide businesses one with one interaction which enables them to know more about customers. 

Second, because Facebook can provide businesses a detailed analytics report which consists of several details on its customers. This includes information on customers’ demographics, likes, and dislikes, psychographic, etc.

The report covers everything that you might need to understand about your target audience. Buying patterns, frequencies, amount they spend on shopping, etc.

So the report provides all you need to make and implement an effective marketing strategy.


Customer Engagement


Engaging with your customers is an effective marketing technique. The key to every successful business is to keep your customer happy. Facebook provides businesses the opportunity to interact with the customer through chats, install chatbot to effectively answer your customer’s query.

Through Facebook business pages you keep your customers informed about your products and campaigns. This builds customer loyalty and increases engagement on your business page.

Facebook offers tools like polls, surveys, and live streaming that you can take part in and encourage your customers to participate as well. You can also hold contests and giveaways on Facebook to increase employee engagement.


Schedule Facebook Content at peak Hours


Facebook recommends a few peak hours that you can post in to make sure that it reaches the maximum amount of audience. We can also recommend you social media tools like a sprout that help you with making multiple posts in multiple social media accounts as per the schedule.

Scheduling at the peak hours ensures visibility, however, a lot depends on the kind of content you are posting as well. Facebook allows you to post photo content, video content, live streaming videos, etc. All you have to do is to create effective content that can grab the attention of the customers and tease them enough that they engage with your business content.



Facebook Ads


Facebook offers paid advertisement packages to its business users that can only benefit your business. All you have to do is to select the best package according to your budget, and then to choose attractive and fresh content to be advertised.

The Facebook advertisement also offers pay per click strategy, in which you will only be charged if a customer clicks on your ad. 

The best feature about Facebook ads is that it is cost-effective and relevant. So you can choose to target your ad to people who already like your page or you can exclude them from your advertising campaign. According to your business goal, you can choose the audience for your ad as well.

One more feature that works well for businesses is that Facebook also provides you with a report that tells you about your ad’s visibility, impression, engagement, and click-through rate.


Employee Advocacy


While it is important to keep your customers happy, it is equally important to keep your employees happy as well and encourage them to advocate and give shout outs to your business campaigns as well.

When employees cheer for a brand, customers are more likely to believe the brand as well. So for example, if you are marketing your titan 440 repacking kits, you can ask the business’s accountant to share the product from his personal social media profile as well.

Always be Flexible with your strategies

The phrase says it all. Always be flexible to make minor changes if need be for your marketing campaign. Sometimes, the thing might indicate that it may require you to change your target audience, change your content, or your campaign goal. In case that happens, you should be able to adapt to changes as quickly as you can.

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