The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing

In the present era, most citizens of the world have identities on Facebook, and they use Facebook for all kinds of daily interactions, source of information and whatnot. As lives grossly intertwine between virtual and reality, many startups view Facebook as the go-to e-commerce hub. Facebook marketing serves a company well if it pays attention to some key factors. 

Create a Virtual Home through Facebook Pages 

Facebook Pages operate on a more interactive model than websites. On websites, forums are laid out and customers can only view products and services and may or may not have the option to converse directly with the seller to verify products, whereas Facebook allows direct communication 24/7. Direct messaging, easier feedback with comment, review, rating features- all of this has made Facebook an ideal and desirable marketplace for buyers and sellers all over the world. You can determine customer satisfaction from post-transaction communication – reviews and ratings help new visitors make an estimate about the popularity and goodwill of any page and its products. Firms can make sales posts faster than ever now, it just takes a minute or so to take a photo of the product and upload it instantly, and the buyers can view it within a second from anywhere and any device. 

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Enhance Transparency: detail is everything 

Page description should be precise and describe the business and its products/services. That way the customers do not have to spend much time with the information search and choosing of products. The Facebook page should include the vision and mission statements so that everyone has a transparent view and idea about what the firm is looking to accomplish in the market. All pages should avoid grammatical errors and update regularly to stay relevant. Grammatical errors are mostly seen by the general mass as a rookie or amateur mistake, and might degrade a firm’s value or position in the head of a customer. A regularly updated and interactive page only attracts more visitors as its popularity starts to rise. 

Play with Audio-visuals 

The best way to promote is to make a short promotional video that highlights the business and its products. People do not feel like a small promotional video takes away a lot of their valuable time simply because it is short lived, and people might even like it if they like the graphics of the promotional video. Facebook LIVE is a good way to gain an audience according to Facebook Algorithm – Branding is key so the background, speaker, camera quality of any live video or non-live video should be clear and any good smartphone should suffice for this purpose. Digital posters with every post/update can enhance the quality of the content: good graphic designers and content writers are needed to accomplish this.

Boost your way into the Market inexpensively: Old, New and Potential Customers 

Very low-cost cost per view and cost-per-click: Facebook ads feature narrows down the target requirements as per seller’s input and increases post engagement by repeatedly appearing on potential customers’ feeds. In fact, the boosting service that Facebook itself offers is relatively cheap for any earning firm; so much so that firms can reach 10,000 viewers by only spending $10-12usd. 

Elaborate target audience features: select auto-generated demographics like age, gender, location, product orientation and SEO (Search Engine Optimization, although Facebook has its own identifying categories- most used words, most viewed posts by a person, etc.) tools. The usage of keywords and trending buzz-words for writing sales posts helps the post reach more customers and stay relevant. 


Facebook Relations = Public Relations 

Regular interaction through Messenger ensures that customers feel like they are a part of the concern of the firm they are buying products from, and through CRM like such, firms can help establish a much more loyal customer base. Since it is very easy to view customer profiles and pin-point niches, firms have the option of preaching to very specifically chosen customers and avoid backlash from people that complain about unwanted advertisements. Likes, comments, shares and reviews can be automatic PR: publicity is key in this present online market. Social media influencers can also be a good source of PR for the company, if they know how to track and filter out necessary connections. 

Facebook Marketing, with consistency and time can be one of the most affordable and effective sources for a business to attain their highest potential. For the key to success on Facebook, much like everything else, is patience and perseverance.

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