Monitoring Employees Working from Home Using Computer Tracking Software

We are all trying to meet that deadline working from home. But sometimes it gets tricky. While 60% of professionals reported more productivity because of the elimination of factors such as commute, some important questions like “How do I monitor my employees remotely?” or “How do I stay productive without fixed office hours?” are suddenly very relevant. Employee monitoring tools to ensure productivity and engagement are not a new concept. They have been tried and tested with positive results in the past. But work-from-home being a comparatively new reality makes it difficult for people to adjust. On top of that, businesses that previously did not implement employee monitoring tools are suddenly looking into their options. Many employees are finding it challenging to maintain efficiency while the employers are struggling with work assessment and goal achievement. As unexpected as this was, it is the new reality that companies have to get used to with. Naturally businesses must ask – what factors are we looking at?

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Maintaining a schedule is a very important productivity booster. It is also necessary for monitoring work hours. Employers want to ensure that they are paying for the hours of actual work being done while employees want to make sure they get appropriately appraised for the hours they put in. It is difficult to stay focused without staying connected with the work. We all need that little push sometimes to get that last spreadsheet done. Keeping your employees engaged throughout a work day is essential for maximum productivity. It is difficult and sometimes, outright impossible for organizations to keep tabs on their employees over the phone or through email. A common platform where employees can log in and get prompts throughout the day can keep them motivated working from home. Attendance monitoring, progress assessment, and goal achievement are actions that need to be done virtually now. So, a secure and easily accessible cloud based monitoring solution is what businesses are looking into.

Security issues are evolving in the current climate. Businesses need to monitor how information is being dispersed to their employees and how that information is being accessed/used. Confidential information can be streamlined and controlled relatively easily in the office. But what can you do when your employees are working on their own devices? This is another area where an employee monitoring tool comes into play. A common platform can monitor information flow. Accountability can get lost in vague emails and phone calls. These tools can ensure remote accountability for employers and employees. No surprise then that employee monitoring tools have seen a surge in interest and sales by an insane amount. These tools will only continue to get more popular over time. Businesses that fail to adopt these tools may face difficulties in the future.

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Employee monitoring tools like CloudDesk provide solutions for these issues. Other than monitoring employees to ensure optimum work hours with attendance confirmation, it also provides crucial behavioral data and analytics on goal achievement. It provides options for businesses to sync with Kronos and ADP for seamless integration. Unique insights like behavioral data, ROI, and areas of bottleneck are also provided. All this is done in real time. This is important as organizations are looking to maintain the practices of “business as usual” as much as possible in these difficult times. So, a cloud based real time solution like CloudDesk can be crucial for the transition.

A large number of employees have expressed the desire to obtain remote working opportunities even after the restrictions are lifted in the near future. Among the companies that have implemented the work-from-home policy soon after the pandemic hit are Twitter, Facebook, Google etc. As time progresses, all companies must look at options to monitor the work their employees are doing from their homes. We have to come to terms with working from home. No one knows how long this situation will remain the way it is. Businesses must step up as quickly as they can to adjust and adapt to the new realities or they might not survive past the lockdown. The office space needs to be replaced (at least momentarily) by the virtual platforms like CloudDesk. These applications have proven that losing an office space does not necessarily need to result in losing productivity.

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