How to Monitor Your Remote Employees and Businesses with CloudDesk

Are you concerned whether your remote employees are working properly or not? Are you worried about whether you are investing your money after the right people or not? Are you looking for an employee monitoring tool to boost the productivity and performance of your employees? Well, we got you covered.

How to monitor your remote employees?

During this pandemic, managing and monitoring the workforce has become very difficult since we cannot see them always before our eyes. Almost all the managers and employers are suffering from this problem and concerned about the productivity issue of their people. Don’t worry because CloudDesk is here to make your life easier.

CloudDesk is a simple and affordable employee monitoring tool developed by CloudApper for managing your remote workers effectively and efficiently. By monitoring and keeping track of the activities of your employees in real-time, you can not only boost their productivity but also improve compliance and optimize their performance.

You may find thousands of employee monitoring tools over the internet, but here are some of the key features of CloudDesk which has made us unique among all:

Key Features of CloudDesk

  • Remote Check-in: Your employees’ can check-in from their home when they start working
  • Attendance Confirmation: Through face-id, we ensure that your employees are engaged with their tasks
  • Robust Insights: We provide real-time insights for tracking the activities of your employees
  • Seamless Integration and Management: You can easily sync the attendance data to Kronos and ADP with our seamless integration feature
  • Platform Flexibility: Whether you want to monitor with your PC, laptop, or mobile, we will provide you all the necessary insights through our web and mobile apps.


So how does CloudDesk work?

Step 1: Employees start their work-day through check-in

Remote employees have to check-in from their PC or laptop to start their work day. The application will detect and capture faces automatically when the employees will check-in. After checking in, their work-day will start and CloudDesk will keep track of their working hours.

Step 2: Ensuring employees engagement

To ensure that your employees are engaged, the app prompts the employees to check-in periodically. Thus, you can easily ensure that your employees are engaged with their tasks and working productively. If they do not check-in when asked, the time will not be counted and CloudDesk will assume that the employees are not working at the moment.

Step 3: Accessing the real-time usage data and analytics

You can easily access the real-time usage data and analytics of your employees. Which app are they using, which websites are they browsing and for how long are they using that software – you will get to know all of this information in real-time.

Step 4: Sync attendance data

With CloudDesk, you can automatically sync the employee attendance data to Kronos and ADP.

Thus keeping track of the attendance became easier with CloudDesk.

Why should you choose CloudDesk?

By now you know our unique key features and how to use CloudDesk. But now you might ask if there are plenty of other employee monitoring tools, why should I use CloudDesk? Well, here is your answer:

Value for Money

CloudDesk is very affordable. Whether you are a small company or a large organization – CloudDesk is for everyone. CloudDesk is free for up to three (3) users. After that, for each additional user, you have to pay only $10.


Huge Return on Investment (ROI)

Every money that you spend on your business should be counted as an investment and you should get some returns. So, the CloudDesk platform is committed to providing a high return on investment by boosting the productivity level of the remote workers of your company.

Trusted Environment

Your data is completely secured by us. So your employees can work freely and you can rely on us while tracking and monitoring them efficiently.

Easy Cancellation

You can cancel your subscription anytime you want, no long-term contracts.

Additional Benefits

In addition to all of this, CloudDesk subscribers can get access to additional Business Productivity tools offered through the CloudApper platform.

Now you know our key features, how does CloudDesk work and why should you choose CloudDesk. Our CloudDesk Team is working relentlessly to add more features for you so that you can monitor your remote employees more efficiently using our tool.

So, from now, if you use CloudDesk, you don’t need to be concerned anymore whether your remote employees are working properly or not. You do not need to get worried about your employee performance nor your investment.

Use CloudDesk and make your team super productive – it’s time for you to decide!

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