Principles of Sales Management

Sales management refers to the business discipline that focuses on the practical and physical application as well as the management of all sales techniques, sales operations as well as sales processes. It can be seen as the process of developing a sales force, coordinating various sales operations and activities as well as the implementation of sales techniques that enable and allow for businesses to continually reach or even superseded sales targets and objectives. When it comes to good sales management, there are a few sales management principles and values that all sales managers should implement and follow that contributes a great deal to increase of sales, improvement of sales techniques as well as the success of a sales organization as a whole.

Be An Example

When being a sales manager, you have a team of field sales reps that work under your guidance and that look up to you for not only support but for influence and positive examples of how all sales operations should be conducted. It is important that as a sales manager you follow all the policies and procedures pertaining to sales that have been set out within your sales organization so that your sales team members can do the same. In order to lead by example, a sales manager needs to have a lot of discipline, a winning attitude and determination to take your sales team to greater heights.


Be Goal And Solution Oriented

It is important that sales managers are constantly setting new sales goals and objectives for themselves and their team members, and that the sales managers do everything in their ability to equip their team members with the necessary tools and skillset to achieve the goals that have been set. Being focused on numbers and goals will help instill in your sales team members a goal-oriented mindset where sales team members will understand the importance of hitting goals and targets and will be motivated in such a way that achieving these goals will be the essence of being a part of the sales organization.

Be Direct

Throughout the processes of sales training and coaching that will be provided to your sales team, it is important for sales managers to always be direct and straight to the point. This way the possibility of sales team members being confused or misunderstanding the training that is being given is minimized. It is important for both sales managers and sales team members to know and understand exactly the position in which they stand within a sales organization. That way, everyone knows exactly what is expected of them.

Establish A Well-Disciplined Sales Team

It is important that the sales team members that a sales manager manages has a good and efficient sense of discipline in order to produce the maximum level of productivity. Sales managers need to implement rules and regulations within the sales department that need to be followed. Not only this, sales managers need to furthermore ensure that all sales team members are fully aware and understanding of the reasoning and justification behind the rules and regulations that have been set. When sales members have a clear understanding of these, they are more likely to follow and adhere to these rules more efficiently. Additionally, when it comes to rules and regulations it is important to have them written down and accessible to all sales team members, at any time, for all to see. This way sales team members are constantly reminded to take such rules and regulations seriously.


Get Involved

A sales manager cannot be effective and efficient at his or her job without being fully involved with the sales process and without constantly interacting with sales team members on a daily basis. Essentially, the more involved sales managers are the more involved a sales team member will be. The attitude and effort of a sales manager is most likely to be reciprocated by their sales team members, thus if sales team members observe the high levels of involvement and effort put forth by the sales manager, the sales team will feel more inclined and motivated to also put their best foot forward.

Making Use of Sales Tracking Software To Better Handle Sales Management

It is important for all sales managers to understand the essence of and benefits that sales tracking software brings to a sales operation and sales organization as a whole. Sales tracking software such as SalesQ provides sales managers with clear visibility into all sales operations, which allows for the improvement of sales performance and essentially the increase of sales. With features such as sales force management, customer management, task management and stock survey management, the cloud based solution makes it possible and easier for sales managers to better handle the essence of sales management. The cloud based solution also enables sales managers to identify key sales driving forces and sales restraining forces, which allows decision-makers of the organization to appropriately and effectively adjust any sales processes as needed in order to improve sales performance.

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