October 1, 2022

When deciding which sales management software to invest in, implement and make use of, it is imperative that you search for sales management software that is best suited for you, according to your organization’s nature and needs. This can be done by taking a look at the features that would be provided by potential sales management software and deciding which sales management software your organization would most probably benefit from the most. The quality of features that sales management software provides its users with says a significant amount about the quality of the overall sales management software itself. These sales management features essentially determine the standard at which your sales organization would perform, and that is why it is absolutely vital that one chooses the sales management software that provides the ultimate best sales management features.

The Top 10 Best Sales Management Software Features

As mentioned above, it is vital that you choose sales management software extremely carefully, and that you use the quality of sales features provided to help you make an informed decision. When it comes to these features, there are top ten of the best sales management software features that one should always look out for when deciding on the perfect sales management software for your sales organization.

#1 Sales Force Management

The first of the top ten best features of sales management software would most definitely be excellent sales force management, Sales force management entails the objectives, task of selection, orientation training, supervision as well as the evaluation of a sales company as a whole. Essentially, sales force management can be regarded as the information systems that are designed to help and facilitate the process of sales. When looking for excellent sales management software, be sure to choose software that allows you and your sales managers to efficiently manage your field sales reps from the software itself, that can be accessed from mobile devices. Such sales management software should enable you to manage your field sales reps according to the geographic location, assigned tasks, customers as well as sales trends.


#2 & #3 Task Management

The second and third features of the top ten best sales management software features would be efficient and effective customer management as well as task management. Efficient task management ensures that you, your managers and your field sales reps never overlook or forget about any sales task, and enables you and your sales managers to manage any sales task as well as monitor the progress of these sales tasks. Customer management on the other hand, is also an extremely important and effective module to have as it enables your field sales reps to manage and maintain their relationships with both existing and potential customers. Such a module also enables your field sales reps to identify what exactly the needs and wants of your customers are, and allows your field sales reps to effectively deliver on these needs and wants.

4# & #5 Work On The Go

Being able to work on the go while always having easy access to available stock surveys is vital, and thus why working on the go and stock surveys can be identified as the fourth and fifth top best sales management software features. This is because without the ability to work on the go, field sales reps would be stagnant and unable to access the sales management software while in the field, which means that they would be unable to access and share any valuable knowledge and information with fellow field sales reps while in the field. Also, available stock surveys are an important sales management feature to have, as you and your field sales reps will always have access to solid data of your product stock and sales flow, as well as the frequency of your product movement.

#6 &#7  Order & Customer Management

The sixth and seventh of top 10 best sales management software features would definitely be sales order management as well as customer complaint management. Without solid sales history management, your field sales reps are unable to effectively manage and monitor all sales visits and sales orders which would mean that field sales reps do not have clear visibility into all sales operations. Customer complaint management is also an extremely important and useful feature to have as it allows you and your field sales reps to identify the issues that your customers are facing, resolve these issues in a timely manner and improve the customer experience in order to improve sales performance and essentially increase sales.

#8 Product Management

Good and efficient product management would serve as the eighth top best sales management software feature. This is because a module such as product management allows your field sales reps to deliver quickly and efficiently on all products as this module provides both field sales reps as well as customers with full and updated product catalogues.

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#9 Sales Dashboard

The second last feature when it comes to the best sales management software would definitely be a concise dashboard on the software itself. Making use of sales management software that merges concise streams of information that is resourced from multiple sources and that is then conveyed in a meaningful and useful manner in order to generate sales pattern trends is extremely important, This ensures that you receive useful data from the sales market that you are then able to use to your benefit.

#10 Competitor Analysis

Lastly, the tenth top ten best sales management software features would without a doubt be competitor survey and competitor analysis. These two features enable you and your sales organization to retrieve your competitor’s information regarding their product, price, promotional activities and strategies to compete in the long run as well as derive the data of your competitor’s directly from the sales market. By being able to do this, the key decision makers within your sales organization are able to design new and improved sales strategies in order to improve sale performance, beat your competition and essentially increase the level of sales of your organization.

SalesQ sales tracking software

When looking at all of the above mentioned best sales management software features, it should be noted that SalesQ sales tracking software provides users with all of these ten best features and more. From effective sales force management straight through to competitor analysis, SalesQ sales tracking software equips you and your sales organization with everything needed to improve sales performance and generate more sales. The cloud based software helps enterprises track the activities of field sales reps, such as their daily movements and tasks, visit details, meeting times, and sales orders that they have created as well as helps you to improve employee engagement through the increase of accountability. If you wish to learn more about this excellent sales tracking software that has all the potential to take your sales organization to the next level, please feel free to contact CloudApper for more information.


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