Restructuring Ahead: Lycoming County’s HR Department Implements Changes

At this week’s commissioners’ meeting, the Lycoming County Salary Board—which includes county commissioners and an official from the controller’s office—voted on major HR reorganization measures.

An important move was announced by Commissioner Scott Metzger – the Director of Human Resources post would be eliminated and replaced with the title of “Senior Human Resources Business Partner.” Not only will this senior position be responsible for directing the HR department’s primary projects, but it will also work closely with the Director of Administration and Head Procurement Officer on major projects.

“It’s a much more involved position going forward, and we really feel this is something that’s moving the HR department in a different direction,” Commissioner Metzger noted in reference to the reformulated post.

Furthermore, the HR department underwent further restructuring, which involved the removal of the part-time HR Business Partner role, rebranding the Benefits Specialist role to “Senior Benefits Specialist,” and renaming the HR Generalist role to “Senior Human Resources Generalist,” along with reclassification of pay grades for both positions. The shifting nature of these roles’ duties over the last many years was given as the rationale for these shifts.

We believed that the HR department required some fresh direction,” Commissioner Marc Sortman said, emphasizing the necessity for reform. That is change; we have competent individuals there taking on more duties.

Commissioners Metzger, Sortman, and Mark Mussina voted in favor of these moves, while Deputy Controller Nikki Gottschall delivered a dissenting vote.

Appointments to the Lycoming Library Board, legal notifications, agreements, and project approvals were among the other activities made by the commissioners besides choices pertaining to human resources.

The commissioners’ board room, at 330 Pine St., Executive Plaza (first floor), will be the site of the next meeting on January 25 at 10 a.m.

The HR department in Lycoming County is undergoing some adjustments to better monitor important projects and initiatives and to better match jobs with evolving responsibilities. The effects on operational dynamics and personnel responsibilities will be carefully observed as the county adjusts to these changes.

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