Worker monitoring tools see surging growth as companies adjust to stay-at-home orders

In light of recent events due to the pandemic, we have adopted the idea of remote working experience all around the world. By the grace of our modern technologies, we do not have to risk our lives in order to go to work everyday, rather we get the opportunity to do our tasks in the safe environment of our own home. Research has shown that work from home is becoming the new strategy for various companies because it helps them to reduce the organizational cost through different ways. This new method has also proven to be helpful for the employees because their performance seems to improve significantly compared to a traditional working environment. From the perspective of an employee, this change in productivity shows that they are adopting the idea of working from home very positively. Recently, Google have announced that they will not be having any physical offices the remaining of this year considering the safety and well-being of their employees and will be providing home allowances to them in order to set up a home office, so that they do not find any difficulties while working from home. From the perspective of the companies, they have to think about the safety of their employees but also need to continue running their organizations. In this current situation, we are lucky that we have this option to remain safe and work from home but this increases the pressure on our companies to maintain their employees’ efficiency and quality of work. This is where the online monitoring tools come in to relieve them from that pressure. Researchers have found that these online monitoring tools are beneficial not only for the organizations, but also for their employees. Is Employee Monitoring Tool the solution of real life office culture?

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Virtual Office Environment

Working from home gives us the best opportunity to not only stay healthy in this pandemic, but also to remain up to date towards our work and career. But does this change really work as we are so used to our old workstation and office culture? In this matter, CloudDesk helps the companies connect all the employees in a single software interface and gives a virtual office environment where they can monitor and communicate with every employee in the organization. Getting in touch with every employee, allocating the overall task and monitoring their performances would be the best advantages of using CloudDesk. Moreover, it gives the option to create a daily task
routine with reminders which results in keeping up with submission deadlines and meetings. This software also creates a smooth way of communication among the employees which is useful. This new lifestyle encourages us to utilize our office time with sincerity because at the end of the day we get the chance to enjoy our free time without
feeling too tired by the commute. On another note, connecting every employee in a single interface provides them with the experience of staying in a professional culture which ensures that all the employees remain motivated and continue to develop in their respective fields.

Safely Measurement

When it comes to work from home, it is obvious that the privacy of confidential information and datas of a company is a sensitive and important issue. There are more possibilities of security breach and data thefts in these circumstances because remote working experience does not always have the same secured environment like an office
provides. CloudDesk is present to help the companies maintain a secure and risk-free environment to avoid any such issues. This software requires every employee to log in to their account with their face ID verification when they sit at their workstation and that prevents any datas to go into the wrong hand. Also, its monitoring tools are screening
live activities of every employee’s laptop or desktop screens so any unusual or illegal activity will not remain hidden.

Monitoring Employees Screen

Monitoring employee activities in their workstations will not only protect privacy of the companies, but will also lead to high efficiency from them. When it comes to a matter of a big project or task, tracking their work periodically will lead to the best output from the team. CloudDesk helps the companies to track live screen monitoring and web activity monitoring which the employees are aware of. This knowledge prevents them from engaging in unnecessary activities and encourages them to have concentration on their assigned tasks which results in a timely completion.

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Employee Performance

Finally, we have seen that monitoring tools like CloudDesk actually helps employees to keep up with their performance and also to show improvement. It provides them with an opportunity to make a task routine and follow a timeline that likely results in a successful outcome. Monitoring tools also help the supervisors to have updates on their team’s work, to easily track progress and perform evaluation and to observe the efficiency of each individual employee. Based on each employees’ progress reports, organizations can also arrange training exercises for low performing employees so that they can become comfortable and adapt with the new culture of working from home. Also, supervisors can arrange promotions and/or bonuses accordingly for employees based on their performance evaluated with the help of this monitoring tool. In this way, every employee will feel that they are important to their organization because their performances are being evaluated fairly and their career growth is not being hampered.

In this modern time of scientific and technological advancement, work from home is the new trend. We are blessed that we are healthy and staying with our loved ones in this serious situation and are getting the opportunity to maintain work-life from our own home. Monitoring tools are helping us to cope up with all the official work and to move forward in our career path without any obstacles. Even when the pandemic will end, I believe a lot of companies will keep this idea of work from home on their mind and will continue practicing this strategy to sustain in the global market. We should take this in a more positive way because this is the modern world, you can work from anywhere if you are ready to work.

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