Shattering Glass Ceilings and Time Barriers: UKG CPO’s Journey Inspires a Rethink on Work-Life Balance

In a world where work often eats away at personal time, Amy D’Amico’s story shines as a beacon of hope. As UKG’s Chief People Officer, she’s not just a high-powered executive – she’s a testament to the power of flexible work practices that empower employees to thrive both in and beyond the office.

D’Amico’s own path to the top demonstrates how a supportive environment can propel individual growth. Despite facing early career challenges, UKG’s flexible policies allowed her to manage her professional aspirations alongside family commitments. This enabled her to climb the corporate ladder without sacrificing personal well-being, ultimately landing her dream job at the helm of the company’s HR department.

Her story sparks a crucial conversation about redefining work-life balance. In today’s digital age, rigid 9-to-5 schedules no longer reflect the diverse needs and realities of a modern workforce. Employees crave flexibility, and companies that embrace it reap the rewards – higher engagement, improved productivity, and a more loyal talent pool.

This is where solutions like CloudApper AI TimeClock come in. Partnering with UKG, CloudApper AI TimeClock offers seamless time and attendance management alongside a host of features designed to empower employees and foster work-life harmony:

  • Flexible time tracking: Whether commuting from afar or juggling childcare, employees can clock in and out remotely, ensuring accurate recording of hours worked without being chained to a desk.
  • Automated timesheets: Say goodbye to tedious manual entries. CloudApper AI TimeClock automatically generates timesheets, saving valuable time and minimizing errors.
  • Real-time data insights: Managers gain clear visibility into team schedules and workloads, enabling informed decision-making and promoting efficient resource allocation.

By prioritizing flexibility and empowering employees to manage their time effectively, organizations like UKG and CloudApper AI are paving the way for a future of work where success and personal well-being go hand-in-hand. Amy D’Amico’s inspiring journey is a testament to this new paradigm, a call to action for businesses to embrace innovative solutions and build a workforce that thrives, both on the clock and off.

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