Simple Steps to Keep Your Toilet Partitions Clean

Home designing, decorating, or basically home interior is probably the most exciting part of the entire home buying and moving in process. I know a lot of people get all perked up and giddy with the thought of designing their kitchen, living room, and bedroom. However, if I were to ask you, would you get as excited in designing, or just merely thinking about your bathroom?

Gone are the days of a neglected, messy, and unclean bathroom. Today, a lot of homebuyers actually get all excited about decorating their bathrooms and installing all essentials, mirrors, and other toilet partitions. For one, millennials are actually fond of coming up with a bathroom not just sparkling neat but also look beautiful and pleasing to the eyes.

However, after decorating, installing, and finishing everything up, does it all end there? Will bathrooms stay clean and aesthetically-pleasing forever?

No, they wouldn’t. That’s why it’s important to also plan for proper maintenance and cleaning that will help extend the life and beauty of your bathroom, while also providing adequate hygiene and sanitation throughout the years. More than that, doing monthly or routine checkups and cleaning can help prolong and protect your partition walls and other installations. You wouldn’t want to spend a lot on constant replacement and fixtures, would you?

With that, here’s a list of a few, simple steps to keep your toilet partitions clean, since these are the most vulnerable, and though you may not notice it, they need some extreme tender, love, and care too!

Step 1: Apply Disinfectant

Disinfectant is an essential part of cleaning any room in the house, but most especially bathrooms! Make sure that you apply disinfectant or sanitizer throughout all touchpoints such as the toilet, sink, urinals, faucets, handles, and most especially toilet partitions. This will help you sanitize [almost] every area of your bathroom, which, in turn, helps in keeping it neat and presentable at all times. Just be careful not to damage any enamel or paint because you wouldn’t want to spend an extra amount on damages and fixtures.

Step 2: Inspect

Before anything else, it’s important that you inspect all dust vents and top toilet partitions to allow any debris to fall before sweeping or mopping the floor. That way, every area in your bathroom is clean, even your toilet partitions, and not just the tiles or urinal.

Step 3: Sweep, Mop, or Vacuum Away

The next step is to sweep all your floors, making sure to give equal (or special) attention to every corner and every wall, so as to also clean your toilet partitions, should there be any dust or debris particles left. If you’re feeling a little bit extra, you can also use a vacuum dust wand, just to make sure that you get every corner and nothing’s left unclean.

Step 4: Maintenance

Lastly, do take note that maintenance is highly necessary! Keeping your toilet partitions–and your entire bathroom for that matter–clean is actually an easy task if you keep on doing it, maybe weekly or monthly. Make it a habit to clean your bathroom every once in a while. That way, you can also keep its beauty through the years.

Wrapping Up

As I’ve mentioned, it’s necessary that you make cleaning a habit so you wouldn’t have to worry about unsanitized and faulty toilet partitions and installations, ever. When you feel like giving your bathroom some love and attention, do take note of those steps mentioned above to make things easier for you in cleaning each part of the room.

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