Things to Watch Out for When Looking for Good Door Knobs

Home designing and decorating are probably the most exciting things ever, especially for first-time homebuyers. However, some interior designers and home decor enthusiasts may object to that. Yeah, sure, decorating your home may seem fun and all, but it’s not all fun and games, really.

Decorating your home is probably one of the most crucial things you’ll ever do. You will have hundreds and thousands of options to choose from, you wouldn’t even know where to start! This is a common dilemma amongst interior designers and people who love decorating their own homes. Which type of handles should I use? Will this complement the color of my kitchen wall? Should I go for modern or laidback? All these questions will keep lingering in your head.

Door knobs are one of the most important things and finishes inside a home. In fact, door hardware finishes are an extension of your entire home’s personality, style, and design, and selecting the most fitting door handles, locks, and knobs is an excellent way of giving your home that put-together look.

But, as with most [home] projects, finding the right choice and executing a seamless plan will definitely yield much better outcomes. With that, we’ve laid out a couple of things you need to consider and watch out for when looking for good door knobs:


Watch out for the varying cost of different door knobs. Not all knobs and handles are of the same style and quality; hence, make sure to purchase only those within your budget or those that are most fitting for your home decor. Relatively simple interior locks and knobs can cost around $5, while high-quality ones can cost up to $500. As for most customers, those within the $10-$100 range are good enough. You pretty much have a wide selection, so there’s no need to worry. I’m sure there’s a perfect door knob made just for you. Just note that if you want something of high-quality, you should also be prepared for the amount you’re going to pay for.


In the same way you approach interior design, so should you in door knob and handle styles. Try considering what your home’s overall theme and layout are first before arriving in a technologyness to purchase any door knob. After that, also try putting into mind the design of the room it will be used in.

It’s an important factor that you know how to mix, match, and complement your entire home or building’s design with your hardware finishes. If your overall layout leans more onto the traditional style, then try incorporating vintage-looking door knobs, also considering its color and texture. Meanwhile, if you have a modern design, then you might want to look for more minimalist-looking door knobs, such as matte or glossy black.

Door Function

Once you’ve decided the type or style of door knob you need, you may also want to distinguish its function–whether or not it’s a non-locking one, a fixed handle, or with a key. For closet and hallway doors, you may want to look for non-locking passage knobs or lever. Meanwhile, for bedrooms and bathrooms, you should consider getting something with much more privacy; hence, a locking privacy knob or lever would be the best option.

Sometimes, homeowners also tend to have decorative doors or knobs, and for these, you may want to consider getting non-turning, dummy knobs or levers. Each door and knob has its own function, so make sure you know which ones to get and which ones fit a room’s purpose best.


A good door knob also has good warranty policies. Be very careful when choosing your hardware finishes as not all of them are equal. Some may have very limited warranties, which could be an issue, considering that you picked a faulty or defective one. Some hardware finishes also have lifetime warranties; you just have to choose the few good ones.

Ease of Installation

Door knobs are relatively simple and easy to install, so most customers with the most basic DIY skills are most likely to have minimal to no complications during installation. However, if you’re a professional and experienced handyman, then you should have no problem at all. If you’re concerned about your capability to install one, then you might want to consult other people (or those from the hardware store) before making a purchase.

Wrapping Up

Home designing is an exciting thing to look forward to. However, make sure you take note of all factors to consider first before commencing any design operations. If anything, planning is the most important step of it all. In the same way you want your wall paint to complement your furniture, so should you also think of complementing your door knobs’ design and function with doors and rooms.

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