Unfulfilled sales targets, dissatisfied customers, and lost deals are the signs that you need to change your current approach to sales management. Unfortunately, the efforts your sales reps are putting in aren’t driving results. It is high time you take the help of a smart tool like a CRM software for supporting your sales reps efforts. Here are some more signs for your to look for: 

You’re tired of typing all that client data into spreadsheets. 

You’re bored of having to go through every email with a fine tooth comb, trying to summarize them. A 27% of sales professionals spend over an hour a day on manual data entry work. Every minute they’re not working new leads is another minute your business isn’t making money. 

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You’re still writing to-do lists in that tired, old notebook.

You’ve got customers to follow-up in a month, but we bet you can’t find where you wrote down their contact information. Productive sales teams with effective workflows are 81% more likely to already be using a CRM system consistently.

Having trouble recalling clients

You booked a call a while back but now you don’t have the foggiest idea who that person is and need to click through a mountain of emails trying to find out. CRM software vastly improves data accessibility, allowing sales reps to reduce consultation time by up to 10% and shortening sales cycles by up to 14%. 

You developed a kickass new feature.. but who needs it?

You need to know who would really benefit from that promotional email you’re about to send. By using segmentation tags and sending micro-targeted emails at the right time, 74% of CRM users claim their CRM system has offered them a better insight into customer data. 


You’re constantly on the move.

You are a busy guy of gal, who isn’t? But when you’re out of the office, you don’t have access to all that lovely, useful data and can only reply to a customer query five hours later. 65% of sales people who adopt mobile CRM meet their sales quotas. 

Spending hours on report generation

You’ve spent one full day putting together deal progress statistics, instead of thinking up new business opportunities. Worse still, you have to do this every single week. Spend your time analyzing numbers and making data driven decisions, instead of simply gathering them to adopt mobile CRM, meet their sales quotas.

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