Train your sales force to get the best ROI out of your CRM software

Every business eventually reaches a point when they’d be better with software than they are without, but knowing exactly how to harness the best ROI from that investment can be a challenge for many businesses. This is very much applicable when it comes to investing in CRM software too. Right After you invest in a CRM software, the first thing that you need to do is to train the people who will be using it the most – your sales force. Otherwise you’ll feel like you’re not getting enough out of the product and your sales force could abandon adoption altogether.

Below, we’ll look at how CRM software buyers can train their sales force to  maximize the ROI on your CRM software purchase:

Come Up with a good training plan

It is rightly said that failing to plan is planning to fail. You need to come up with a proper plan to ensure your CRM training initiative yields the desired results. A well-formulated plan helps you estimate and allocate adequate resources and time for the training, leading to its success. 

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Explain how the CRM system would benefit your salesforce

Adult learners learn well if they know the training benefits them. So, ensure you tell your people what they can expect from the CRM and how they can help make the training program a hit. For this, you can use a video containing a message from the CMO or other members of the top brass. 

Tell your staff members clearly how they would be evaluated

Set clear learner measurement metrics and explain them effectively to your people. For instance, you need to specify the timelines within which users need to complete the training program and create the given number of objects.

See that you impart training on the sales process

Most CRM implementations involve the re-engineering of sales processes, and it’s very important to train end users on the new processes and give a clear understanding of where they fit in the new scheme of things. You can use classroom training sessions very effectively to educate your staff on the new processes and roles. 


Ensure simulations reflect the “real” work environment

Watch-try-do simulations are widely used to train people on CRM. You need to ensure the simulations mimic the work setting in which end users would use the CRM software. You may need to customize the objects in the software, change names of fields to make them look familiar and implement other changes as required.

Sometimes, It can feel like a horrible idea to take even an hour away from revenue-generating activities to train your sales team on a CRM — but if the time is well-spent it will go a long way to maximize your ROI on CRM. Involve key members of your sales team in the selection, implementation and training process to make sure that they can use the software effectively, rather than doing everything the hard way.

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