Striking Types of Doorknob That Can Help Enhance Your Remodeling Projects

Home remodeling is not over until it’s over. There’s always something you’ll find that you can improve on. You can replace your current bathroom faucets, put your curtains back in the cabinet to make room for new ones, or even have new doorknobs.

Remodeling your home is about change and giving it a new look. Sometimes it’s all about looking at the little details that make your project a success. As aforementioned, doorknobs will do just the trick. Not only does it function as a door hardware, but it also serves as an aesthetic enhancer for the house.

To learn more about this, here are striking types of doorknobs that can help enhance your modeling projects.

Door finishes

Let’s start with different types of doorknobs based on finishes and colors.

Satin nickel

Satin nickel is one of the most traditional existing doorknob options. If you’re looking for one that’s easy to unlock and lock, satin nickel is a reliable design for you. Most of these designs come in round shape paired with latches that can be installed on any door.

Oil rubbed bronze

This doorknob has an almost charcoal-colored, dark look. If you don’t prefer that look then there are several other different metallic color options available. Aside from its designs prices of doorknob also vary with a typical purchase.


Brass is a little more on the vintage side and brings sophistication to your home remodeling project. Its silvery-gold color adds a ton of vibrancy to a stagnant room. It’s also a reliable metal and easy to clean as well.


Chrome rose up as one of the most popular and affordable interior decor choices in the recent decade for a variety of appliances and accents. These doorknobs are very easy to find and you can clean them occasionally to achieve that great clean look.


When it comes to interior accents and decor, copper offers quite a unique color. It’s unmistakable, stands out, and draws positive attention. Copper is a durable metal and that can be polished so it can always look clean.

Glass or crystal

Glass doorknobs are the constant providers of an elegant touch to doors. This design even allows you to add custom finishes to its handle to make your own version. For instance, you can choose to affix it to a gold or silver backing together with a classic shank.

Styles and shapes

Other striking types of doorknobs are classified by their style and shapes.

Door levers

Door levers are sleek and elegant plus it offers a lot of diversity for decoration. This style comes in straight and twisted snake-like designs. They can be embellished with bold finishes in different variety of metals and colors to fit the style you like.


Just like door levers, most contemporary doorknobs have a sleek look. Simplistic and easy-to-install latches are its trademarks. With its slim design, it has become one of the popular choices out there.


Usually made of metal, glass, crystal, or wood, the traditional doorknob is a timeless and classy piece. Consider having the rustic styles or classic Victorian style handles to achieve the best look.

Different functions, different styles, and designs to compliment your household. The best thing about some of these doorknobs is they can be modified to your liking. Find the finish and function that fit your doors and put the icing on top of your home remodeling cake.

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