The Best Travel Hacks For 2023

After being cooped up for more than 2 years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel for travel in 2023. 


The airline industry expects to return to profitability in 2023 for the first time in four years.


In 2020 it was reported that international travel decreased by 57%. However, we will likely see that international travel will increase greatly in 2023.


So what is your next travel destination? The splendor of New York, Istanbul in Turkey, or perhaps a tropical vacation in the Maldives? It doesn’t matter the destination, there are many travel hacks that can make your traveling experience very comfortable. 


From travel packing hacks, travel hacks for flying, and travel hacks to save money to visa travel hacks. Let’s discover which travel hacks are beneficial for 2023.


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What Are The Best Travel Hacks For 2023?


Here is a list of handy hacks that will change the way you travel forever.  These hacks will help you make your journey hassle-free and your vacation a whole lot more relaxing. 


  1. Ensure You Have Copies Of Important Documents


Unfortunately theft or loss of documents can easily happen when traveling. Make sure to email yourself a copy of your passport and travel documents.


  1. Make Sure To Call Your Bank Before Your Travels


It is important to notify your bank of your travels so that they don’t freeze your account due to suspicion of criminal activity when you make transactions overseas. 


  1. Roll Your Clothes When Packing 


This might be one of the best travel packing hacks.  We always need more space in your suitcases! Therefore rolling your clothes instead of packing folded clothes will provide more space. 


  1. Choose A Strategic Airplane Seat Selection


Always try to choose a window seat to have the best view. Or an aisle seat if you require more space or if you don’t want to climb over someone every time you want to use the restroom or stretch your legs. This is a great travel hack for flying. 


  1. Sign Up For Frequent Flyer Accounts


This way you can earn some miles that can be put towards your next trip. 


  1. Ask The Airline To Mark Your Bag As Fragile


Even if there is nothing fragile in your bag, still use this hack. This will help to protect your baggage from damage.


  1. Never Exchange Money At An Airport 


Withdrawing money at the ATM will yield a much better exchange rate.  Or search in the local area for exchange companies that have a better exchange rate than the airports. 


  1. Downloading Google Maps Offline Is A Must


As you will be traveling to another country you might not always have access to WIFI. Unless you buy a SIM, Google Maps offline will be a lifesaver while you are exploring your destination.


  1. Download Google Translate


Most times there will be a great language barrier that might make communication difficult. Therefore, Google translate will make communication a whole lot easier. 


  1. Make Sure To Chat To Your Taxi Drivers


They are usually aware of all the best sightseeing attractions or maybe even hidden gems that you might not have known about. 


  1. Shoulder Season Is The Best Time To Travel


Shoulder season is the time between the low season and the high season when the weather is still very comfortable, there aren’t many tourists and prices are still reasonably low. 


  1. Have Dinner And Drinks During Happy Hour


Make sure to search for restaurants that offer great happy hour specials for meals and drinks. This way, dining during these times can save you a lot of money. 


  1. Ask For A Room Upgrade


Make sure you belong to the hotel’s loyalty reward program beforehand. Sometimes they honor your request whenever there is a better room available.  You might be lucky!


  1. Save Money By Booking A Private Room In A Hostel 


A website like HostelWorld gives you the option to book a private room. This gives you the opportunity to privacy as well as the opportunity to meet new people. 


  1.  Book Other Experiences Through AirBnB


AirBnB is not only used for accommodation bookings, but they actually offer a whole lot of options for excursions that can be booked through them. 


  1. Always Make Sure To Have A Travel Adapter


Some countries’ plugs might not be compatible with your electronics therefore make sure to always travel with a universal adapter.


  1. Protect Your Cash 


Hiding your cash in empty lip balm tubes is a clever way to conceal your money.


  1. Invest In An Anti-theft Bag


Unfortunately we will find criminals all over the world and pickpocketing is a common thing.  Therefore protect all your belongings and travel belongings by using an anti-theft bag.


  1. Invest In A Public Transport Card (metro, ferry, busses, and trams)


This type of travel pass will allow you to skip unnecessarily long queues to buy tickets and is also the most affordable way to travel around a country. 


  1.  Try Booking Your Accommodation Directly Through the Hotel


Accommodation booking apps usually include their own additional fees making it a bit more expensive than booking directly through the hotel itself. 


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Is There A Hack To Get A Travel Visa Faster/Easier/Better?


Yes, the visa travel hack to get your visa effectively and without hassle is to use a visa expediting service. 


Atlys is a visa company that helps you every step of the way with your visa application. By using them you are certain that there won’t be any visa denials due to any small errors in your visa application or errors in the documentation provided. 


This is the best way to get your visa hassle-free and remove every ounce of stress related to visa applications. 


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Travel Hacks When Buying Plane Tickets


There are a lot of travel hacks to save money when buying plane tickets. Of course, we all would like to buy the most affordable plane tickets so that we have more money to spend on vacation. 


Here are some hacks when buying plane tickets:


  1. Use Skyscanner.


Skyscanner can show you monthly trends of the prices for your destinations. It even has a ‘price alert button’ that can notify you when the price of your desired flight begins to fall. This way you can buy your ticket at the lowest price. 


  1. Use CheapAir.


This website compares over 917 million airfares across thousands of markets in every region of the world – they aim to help you book your next international flight at the lowest possible rate. 


  1. Be Flexible With Your Dates.


Flexibility offers you the chance to book even lower airfares. Low season is generally when airfares are at their lowest since there aren’t many people traveling during that time.


Book flights during the weekdays since they are usually cheaper than flights scheduled on weekends. 


Don’t travel during major holidays such as Easter or Christmas as airlines usually increase the prices of their flights during those times.


  1. Book Overnight Flights 


This saves you one night of paying for accommodation,


  1. Sign Up For Airline Mailing Lists


This way you will always be notified about any upcoming specials or maybe if you’re lucky some last-minute deals for the country you want to travel to.


These are some of the best travel hacks for saving money when buying plane tickets. 


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These are some of the best travel hacks for flying, travel hacks for saving money and visa travel hacks to consider. 


Consider doing things like downloading the google translate app and google maps offline app to make your trip more comfortable. 


Booking your flights during weekdays rather than weekends and during the low season will save you a lot of money.


Remember to use a visa company such as Atlys when sorting out your visa. 


Which hacks will you be using during your next trip?

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