Top 25 Apps for Productivity Online

Maintaining high levels of efficiency can be a challenge. But, there are a myriad of applications that can aid you in staying focused on your work and maintain up with your productivity.

In this blog, we’ll take you through the best productivity tools you can use to work more efficiently and complete your work with ease.

Five productivity apps that are top of the line

Pumble is a tool for communication and collaboration tool.

Let’s begin with our productivity tool list by introducing Pumble which is a company project management system that lets your team communicate and collaborate.

Channels can be set up that cover a range of subjects and projects. You can invite anyone who is curious to become a member of these channels. Beyond channels, there is the option of sending direct messages if you wish to contact certain colleagues.

The app allows you to customize the notifications you receive. For example, if you’re working on a task that requires an enormous amount of work, then you can disable notifications for five, 30 minutes or more (up to two hours). This will help you concentrate and complete your task.

Pumble is especially useful for remote teams because it lets you communicate in real time similar to when everyone is in the same place. It allows for unlimited users, as well as Chat history with unlimited duration as well as self-hosting too.

Availability: macOS, mac (M1), Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Web

Clockify is a time tracking software.

Clockify’s time tracker can help you track the duration of your work and gives you a glimpse into your productivity. You can keep track of time with an alarm clock in the timer mode or add the data manually using the manual mode, or by using an timesheet.

Once you’ve completed your time monitoring and have accumulated your information, you’ll have the ability to assess if you’re productive or if you’re spending too much time on trivial tasks. To do this, you’ll have to create and exported Summary or Detailed reports regarding all your tasks related to work or any other. Then, you can import the data into other applications to perform further analysis. In addition, you’ll are able to access Weekly Reports which show the duration of time that your team and your employees stayed on top of each day, so that you know whether you’ve accomplished the daily and weekly targets.

The app also allows users create and track costs , and also manage vacations as well as other forms of leave by using the time-off tracker. Tracking of time off.

Accessibility: Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, Web

The Right Inbox — tracking email tool

It can be difficult to keep up with the increasing amount of emails you receive daily is very tiring. There are some essential tools to help you work more efficiently to avoid such piles of emails.

Right Inbox is an email-tracking software that will help you keep track of the efficiency of your email.

With this program, you’ll be in a position to set up automated email reminders to make sure that you’re up-to-date regarding crucial deadlines as well as emails. Right Inbox also provides you with the “email tracking” feature that allows you users get a better understanding of who is receiving your emails and who’s opening your emails, and also if you can track who clicks on your emails.

In addition, you can convert the emails you’ve sent via email into email templates. You can also include notes in emails that will only be visible to the person looking at them.

Accessibility is provided by Google Chrome Firefox, Safari extension, and Google Workspace

Zoom is a tool for video to facilitate conferencing

Working at home or working with a team that is geographically dispersed video calls play crucial roles in any business. Because communications issues can be among the top prevalent issues faced by remote workers and you’ll require an effective video call tool to help your team.

Being among the most well-known 100 most loved products that is growing fast, Zoom lets teams work together by holding meetings and conferences. To make sure you don’t miss any important events you can connect to connect your Zoom subscription with Google calendars.

In addition, using this software allows you to schedule webinars, and therefore expand the reach of your company.

Accessibility: macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android extension for Chrome and Firefox and extensions for Microsoft Outlook, IBM Notes, Skype for Business

Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides) — file synchronization service

The next web productivity tool that we’ll be discussing comes from Google Drive , the app which makes collaboration among teams and feedback and idea sharing on projects easier and more efficient than ever before. It allows anyone to make, edit and share spreadsheet, document or slide easily with colleagues.

This tool is ideal for collaborative projects because all members of the team are able to collaborate on the same document simultaneously using their own devices.

Anyone with an access right to the file have the ability to access the document and edit it, or even make suggestions. The permissions are based on the permissions given by the author who created the document.

You can avail 15GB of free storage space for all your videos, photos and other text that you want to share and save (Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos) However you can upgrade to a larger capacity plan.

Availability: macOS/PC, Android, iOS

Mentionlytics is a monitoring of social media and web-based media application

Are you looking to keep current with the latest information available on the internet? Stop searching manually for keywords that are specific to you There’s a better method of doing it let an app take care of it for you.

Mentionlytics is an social media and online monitoring tool. It was rated as G2’s top performer in the Fall of 2021. For this application to work, you have to input the keyword you want to use, which may be your brand’s name or the name of your business. Mentionlytics search for keywords on the internet as well as social media, blogs, news sites, online news websites and a variety of other websites.

In addition, you’ll be in a position to monitor your competitors and determine your market.

Availability: web, Android, iPhone/iPad

Dropbox is a service for hosting files.

In the case of cloud-based data storage there are a variety of tools for web productivity available. If you’re overwhelmed and don’t know which is the best choice for you, we’d suggest Dropbox.

This program will help you keep all of your important information secure as well as organized into one spot. It allows you to save all of your files in cloud storage and access them at any time you require, on any device.

With Dropbox it’s secure to share your files and folders with your coworkers. There are two options “download authorizations” and “password security” You can be at peace knowing that none of your folders will disappear. In addition, you can safeguard your files from viruses and destruction by restoring or recovering the files.

Availability: macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad

Google Calendar — online calendar

The next application that we have listed as productive tools to use includes Google Calendar — a simple calendar online that lets you to make and keep your weekly schedule with just one or two clicks. It is possible to create schedules for yourself or in conjunction with your team.

This tool can be synchronized to the tasks you make in Google Tasks, an option that is available from the right-hand side of the right-hand side of your Google Calendar. After you’ve added your week’s tasks you’ll see these on the calendar. In addition, you can mark them as complete once you’ve completed the tasks.

By using Google Calendar, you’ll also be able to organize events, make appointments along with attaching attachments, and conduct Google Meet video calls.

Accessibility Android, iPhone and iPad

ClickUp is a complete work management software

ClickUp is a highly efficient productivity tool that can be employed by any kind of group and in a range of industries. It’s fully customizable and comes with the most sophisticated tools to help you manage your workload, monitor the progress of projects and stay in touch to your team members no matter the kind or project they’re involved in.

ClickUp’s unique method of organization Hierarchy offers you greater flexibility and control in managing even the most complex tasks. Subtasks and checklists within tasks can aid in managing anything from workflows that are multi-step to the simplest tasks.

Collaboration is at the heart of every ClickUp feature. You can use threads to discuss comments, make comments editable, assign comments and attach documents as needed directly in ClickUp. ClickUp document or the task. Multiple views inside ClickUp like Gantt, Mind Maps, List and the Kanban-like Board view let you choose the most efficient method to look at your ongoing task. Custom statuses will inform everyone of the development of your work.

In addition, ClickUp seamlessly connects to more than 1,000 other work tools such as Google Drive, Slack, GitHub, Dropbox, and many more.

Availability: Web, macOS, Windows, iOS, mobile app, Android

Calendly is a software program for scheduling appointments

Another useful tool to schedule events and meetings is Calendly . One of the most important advantages of this tool is that it blocks back-and forth email exchanges with participants in meetings.

Simply set the time you’re available during your week in Calendly and anyone who wants to arrange meetings with you will know when you are available. You can also create a buffer time so that you can take break times throughout your working day.

In addition, this tool permits users to connect their Calendly Account to other apps, including Slack, Zoom, or Zapier.

Availability: web, iPhone, Android

Gmail’s Streak Streak of Gmail -Email manager

The management of your email is slow and not always productive. However, if you need to improve the efficiency of your email tasks You can use Streak to use Gmail .

This tool allows you to keep the track of your emails. This means that you’ll be aware of when they were sent as well as whether the recipients have read the messages. Furthermore, it allows you to make emails now and automatically forward them in the future.

To save time, give to save time, give the “snippets” option to take a picture. This feature allows you to create templates and shortcuts for emails that have a frequently used.

Furthermore, with additional options, like “Mail Merge” option, for instance “Mail Merge” option, you’ll be capable of creating multiple custom emails at the same time, making use of the data taken from CSV files. CSV files.

Availability: iOS, Android, Chrome extension

EmailAnalytics -an email visualization tool

EmailAnalytics is for those who utilizes Gmail and G Suite to conduct daily emails. It shows the emails, and provides you with insight into the efficiency of your email as well as the productivity of your employees or team members.

It is a measure of the average response speed and is an important KPI for customer service and sales teams.

It also sends an email every day, that summarizes activities of the previous day’s emails for all employees. This allows you to easily and quickly to keep track of employees’ actions to manage their workload and improve productivity.

Availability: web-based

Trello — To-do-list and tool to manage projects

Trello is a web-based application to collaborate and communicate with your team. However, it is more than that, giving you the ability to organize your projects and tasks.

In Trello You can locate boards. Each board represents a particular project. Once you’ve made the board you may add cards that serve as assignments.

Once you’ve completed that, you’ll be able to add people to the tasks and keep track of your progress. You can create to-do lists and note down the tasks you’re working on and then place them your “done” column after you’ve completed the task.

Team members are able to discuss their work and projects, leave comments and even take votes on their ideas. You can also upload attachments, set deadline dates, and even add labels to facilitate navigation within the application.

Trello can also integrate with Google Calendar and Gmail, in addition to a myriad of other apps for more efficient working and faster.

Availability: web, macOS, Windows, iOS, Android

TeamViewer remote control and an application to share desktops

Another application we have included in our list of web-based productive tools was TeamViewer which is program which allows teams to collaborate online. With TeamViewer Meeting Teams can conduct online meetings, create presentations online, and take part in online collaboration.

One of the greatest advantages this tool provides is access to files as well as desktops and remote control. Once you’ve been given authority to browse the files on the computer that belong to your coworker, you can browse through the documents in question without causing any disruption to your colleague.

Whiteboards online are an excellent feature that is perfect for discuss ideas in your group.

Available: Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS, Raspberry Pi, Android, iOS

Evernote – note-taking application

Evernote is an excellent tool to share information and take short notes while working. These notes could be video or audio files as well as web clips, images or web pages. you can also share them and access them from any device.

It is also possible to include “ink” notes or make diagrams, charts and an arrow to help make your notes shorter.

You could also use Evernote templates, such as the Business plan as well as the Project tracker. You can scan important documents.

If you’re trying to track your productivity and time , there is an integration Between Clockify and Evernote that lets you keep track of the time spent in your notes with just one click. Also, it is possible to incorporate Evernote to Google Calendar, so that you can connect your notes with calendar events.

Availability: iOS, Android, Web Clipper browser extension

Hootsuite — Social Media manager

If your work is to oversee a variety of various social media sites and platforms, then Hootsuite is the best tool to use.

This tool is a great tool to aid users in saving time since it permits you to create a schedule for multiple posts to be shared across different platforms simultaneously making use of Bulk Composer. Through Hootsuite you can make your team members edit drafts prior the publication.

You can also keep track of mentions of subjects relevant to your interests on social networks. You can also develop ad campaigns.

Availability: iOS, Android

Buffer — Social Media manager tool

Another tool to aid you in managing your social media accounts is Buffer, the application that has been rated as one of the top Social Media productivity tools.

You can plan and schedule your content for different social media platforms. However, you could also set dates for your Instagram stories. In order to ensure that you’re posting quality content, you can choose to seek approval prior to publishing.

Buffer lets you look over the social media metrics so that you have a better understanding of what your content must appear. It lets you create custom reports and then present them to customers or supervisors.

Availability: iOS, Android, Chrome extension

Zapier is a software to automate workflows

Another application that permits users to connect multiple devices can be Zapier. Through this application, you’ll be able to automatize your workflow.

At first you will need to select the trigger in the application. You can set the trigger to trigger one or more actions to happen in a particular order. For example, if an email comes through Gmail (trigger) and you’d prefer Zapier to copy all attachments to Dropbox (first stage) and then inform Slack of attachments (second step). In this means that you’ll be able in automatizing repetitive chores allow you to concentrate on more important tasks.

The tool comes with already-designed workflows that you can use. Additionally, you can make use of Zapier to join teams for those looking to aid your team members to automatize their tasks and improve productivity.

Web-based access is available

LastPass — password vault

Are you constantly forgetting or changing your passwords on multiple accounts? If you’re familiar with this issue ensure that LastPass can resolve it. The application helps you keep all of your login and password information in a safe location. This means that you don’t have to worry about being locked off from accounts.

After the account has been downloaded by you LastPass account it will be possible to see its icon in the upper right-hand corner of the toolbar. After that, sign into your account using this button. It is essential to choose one of the safest master passwords to safeguard your data. Include your sites or import them into your email account, or select the option that allows LastPass save your websites every time you visit them, and then log in.

The information you input is protected and kept secret, even inside the program. Additionally, if you use your password master’s credentials, you could select a two-step process of authentication to ensure additional security.

Accessibility: Windows, macOS, Linux iOS, Android, and extensions

Dynalist — checklist creator

Dynalist is an app that lets you create lists. After you have created the lists you can transform them into checklists with tasks you need to finish.

This tool will also help you write down your list of things and organize them in your schedule by giving due dates. It lets you categorize things by labeling them with labels, colors, and linking them.

Dynalist lets you collaborate with other team colleagues and also share data up to 50MB in size.

It is available for: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android Chrome, Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Firefox extension

Soft Murmur – also known as the Soft Murmur -is a noise generator

The Soft Murmur is an online site which helps you stay focused on the task at hand by providing ambient sound.

You can choose from a variety of background sounds such as rain, thunder, breeze chatter in the coffee shop, singing bowl, and many more. You can mix the sounds to make the perfect mix of sounds to improve your productivity. If you’re in a public area, in your home or office, and it is likely that you’ll be distracted , just turn on The Soft Murmur and plug the headphones on.

Another great feature of this app is the timer. If, for instance you’re looking to relax while listening to the soothing waves, you can simply program the timer of the app to cease playing after a specified time.

Availability: iPad, iPhone, Android

Figma — design tool

Figma is an application for design that allows collaboration and exchange among teams. The tool has been hailed for its role as G2’s Leader for Fall 2021.

Figma gives designers a wide range of choices, including modern tools for writing and advanced capabilities for fonts. Furthermore, if want to automate repetitive tasks, make sure you’re making use of plugins. They are available to anyone, or you may select to make them private.

In addition, Figma lets you craft prototypes that you can show your colleagues. In addition, teams can go at Project Pages and Download the most up-to-date documents, which permits the right collaboration.

Available for Windows, macOS

Sketch — design toolkit

Another useful design tool one to consider is sketch. It’s easy to use and provides a variety of useful features, and allows you to communicate with your coworkers in real time. It’s among the best web-based productivity tools for Mac targeted at graphic designers.

Sketch lets you create components and then reuse them in the future. In addition, if you need designs for a range of platforms, make sure you can export your files in any size or size and.

This tool will also assist you transform your ideas faster by providing grids and guidelines which allow you to design quicker and maintain the highest degree of accuracy.

Accessibility MacOS

Alfred — the inventor of shortcuts

Alfred is another productivity tool available for Mac. It assists you in speeding up your work by using shortcuts. This lets you access and browse your files more quickly, perform rapid calculations, manage your music and much more.

You can make use of Alfred workflows to reduce the time-consuming work. Download a selection of workflows that are in use and integrate these into the workflow you are using.

If you’re looking to build an individual workflow you can achieve this by mixing hotkeys, keywords or actions.

Available: macOS

Freedom – Blocker of distractions

Do you often suffer from the urge to delay? Procrastination is a way to waste some of your time, however using Freedom it will reduce the amount of time spent using your mobile and other websites.

It is feasible to use it with all of your Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, or Chrome and then move your entire set of updates across all these devices. Through Freedom You can also block complete websites and apps. You can create block-lists as well as make blocks start automatically.

This productivity tool can help you block all Internet to make sure you aren’t lured through Facebook, YouTube or similar websites.

Accessibility: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and Chrome

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