Fix Realme GT Neo 2 Widevine Certification Problem – Upgrade From Widevine L3 To L1

I bought my Realme GT Neo 2 8/128GB device last December and I was so blown away with its amazing specs, I forgot to check its Widevine Security Certificate Level. Its only after a month of use, i saw a post on a Facebook group where some other Realme GT Neo 2 users were complaining about not having Widevine L1 Certification. When I have checked mine with the DRM Info app, i realized that i was running the device with Widevine L3 certification. So, i did my research online and contacted here and there to find the solution to this problem. In this article i will share it with everyone.

What is Widevine Certification?

Widevine is a digital rights management (DRM) system employed by many streaming companies, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play Movies, to safeguard their material against unlawful usage. The certification levels go from L1 to L3, with L1 representing the highest and most secure level.

Does Realme GT Neo 2 Comes with Widevine L1 Certification?

Yes. There is Widevine L1 certification on this device which ensures the smartphone can view contents in FullHD without restrictions on streaming platforms such as Netflix and Prime Video. But in order to watch HDR video you will have to rely on native video files or YouTube. HDR certification is not available for Netflix or Amazon Prime for any Realme Device at the point of writing this article. In fact there are only a handful of android devices out there that supports HDR playback on OTT platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Videos.

The Problem with Realme GT Neo 2 Widevine L1 Certification

A significant number of Realme GT Neo 2 users have complained that their devices possess Widevine L3 certification, leading to a diminished streaming quality and resolution. This problem is especially exasperating for individuals who derive pleasure from viewing top-notch information on their mobile devices.

Why some Realme GT Neo 2 Devices Don’t Have Widevine L1 Certification?

It all started with the Android OS update, when Realme started rolling out Android 11 to it devices. Like many other Realme and One Plus devices, some devices dropped from Widevine L1 to L3 status. As a result of this those devices, while running Netflix or Amazon Prime or any other OTT platform, plays video on HD format.

How to Upgrade Realme GT Neo 2 From Widevine L3 to L1?

Can Realme GT Neo 2 devices with Widevine L3 status fixed back to L1? Yes it is possible. The right way to go about it is to contact your local Realme customer support center. You can directly visit them or simply email them and they will provide you with the solution well inside 10 days. With a quick google search you can find their email address on the web. You can also contact them via the customer support option in the Realme Community app.

Upon contacting them they will ask for some information’s:

Contact Number:
Device Name: 
IMIE Number:
Realme UI version:
Android Version:
App Name:
Contact Email:

Once you submit these information’s, they will escalate your complain to their technical team. It is likely that they will get back to you with an Android Apk for the fix within less than 10 days. Then all you need to do is to install the APK and run it. Upon launching the app it will ask for your permission to collect IMIE information from the device and after that you will have to click on the only button to write Widevine L1 Certificate on your Realme GT NEO 2 device.

Is there a quick fix Widevine L1 Issue on Realme GT Neo 2 Device?

Yes there is. While i was waiting for the fix to arrive from Realme Support, another community member at Realme sent me this APK that solved his Widevine L1 Issue. He was also a Realme GT Neo 2 user and during the upgradation process he lost Widevine L1 certification and dropped to L3. Here is the Realme GT Neo 2 Widevine L1 Fix Apk Link. After trying this app for 2/3 days finally i was able to write Widevine L1 key to my Realme GT NEO 2 device. The first couple of days i have installed and uninstalled the apk multiple times, as every time i was pressing the Widevine L1 Certificate button on the app i was getting the massage, “Can not write widevile L1 certificate”. Then finally on the third day after installing the app i played a bit the the apps permission status (don’t ask me what, coz i dont remember) and viola! It wrote the Widevine L1 certificate on my Realme GT Neo 2 smartphone.

Once you are able to write the certificate, don’t forget to restart your device and clear all the cache or data from your Netflix, Amazon or any other OTT application (Or just do a complete fresh installation of the app) for best result.

The Realme GT Neo 2 is a commendable smartphone with remarkable attributes, yet the absence of Widevine L3 certification may be a disadvantage for individuals who appreciate streaming top-notch video. To unlock Widevine L1 certification and improve your streaming experience on your Realme GT Neo 2, simply follow the instructions provided in this article and reach out to Realme customer care.

Finally, this apk that i have shared with you is not mine, i got it from another member at the Realme GT Neo 2 community and decided to take a leap of faith. So, in your case it is completely up to you to decide what you want to do with your device. I am in no way responsible for any harm that comes to your device.  

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