Top 5 Support Process Automation Apps to Improve Business Productivity

Time is money. The more productively you manage your time, the more you will gain profit. But in this competitive business world staying productive can be a tough job when you have to deal with a number of tasks every day. In fact, it is a challenge for every business firm to stay organized and productive. Don’t worry, you can easily bring productivity by optimizing some of your tasks with business automation apps. These 5 support process automation apps will help you and your team to be more focused on growing your business:

Asset Tracker

Track all your assets from a central location. This cutting-edge asset tracking software will let you know who is using which asset in what location. This application comes with both in mobile and web format, so you can get access to it whenever you want. You will get alert on service initiation, completion, extension, or comments.

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Visitor Track

Think about your manual visitor management process. You have to maintain a paper logbook, a pen, and a plastic card. But those are not effective at all when it comes to security. Visitor management software can ease all of this task. This software can keep track of your visitors, their visiting hours, their location and important details and even restrict them if necessary. Visitor Track uses biometric identification technology that ensures no offender gets access to your office premises. Isn’t it great!

Fleet Manager

Think about how difficult it is to manage a number of vehicles.  You have to manage drivers, driver licenses, vehicle reservations, vehicle workload and many more. Using Fleet Manager you can do all this task so easily. This application will bring all your tasks in a central location, send you a notification on vehicle taxes, token, insurance, road permit, and expiration date. Moreover, you will get a vehicle performance report, fuel cost report from a central location that can be accessed from your mobile. This means you can manage your fleet while having an important business trip.

CicleCare – Corporate Wellness

Your office productivity highly depends on your employee. Highly engaged employees tend to be highly productive. Using CircleCare you can bring this employee engagement and collaboration in a single platform. You can also share health tips so that your employees stay healthy and focused at work, you and your employees can share ideas and thoughts that keep them engaged and help them build strong collaboration within the team.

Simple CMMS

Using CMMS will simplify your machine maintenance task. Using this application you can schedule machine maintenance, get valuable reports on your machine health, track maintenance status, upload before and after picture of the machine so that you can have perfect ideas and so on. This application also comes in the web and mobile version. So, you can access all this important data from your mobile, no matter where you are.

These are the top 5 business Support Process Automation Apps that can surely make your task easy, efficient and effective. So, are you using them today or still want to stuck in a manual process that kills your business hours.

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