Warehouse Technologies You Need to Look Out For

Today’s modern age makes it so impossible not to adapt to new technologies and advancements. With all the latest improvements and innovations, you’re left with no choice but to depend on tech tools to make your life or work more manageable. In this fast-paced world, technology is probably the only thing that can save you from the everyday mishaps of life itself! If you haven’t heard of the word “technology” or haven’t really experienced technology at all, then what rock have you been living in all this time?

This year, demands are constantly rising. Meanwhile, the workforce is slowly decreasing. As demands start to increase, business workforce starts to fall. With that, more and more companies are left with no choice but to depend on new technologies in the market to help with the everyday business processes and transaction. 

Warehouse spaces have started becoming an emerging trend today. Back in the day, warehouses were only used for manufacturing and industrial purposes. Now, warehouse spaces have leveled up and shifted from plain, old industrial spaces into business spaces like startup offices, events places, bazaar venues, and a lot more. If you’re looking for a location big enough to hold whatever products and services your business offers, then you might want to consider Kansas City warehouse spaces for rent, considering its space and strategic location placed near the hubs of the city.

Going back, warehouse spaces, for one, experience the heftiest of tasks and workload each day. If you own and run a warehouse space which operates 24/7, then all the more you’ll be needing new warehouse technologies to help you and your workforce out. In this article, listed are some of the new warehouse technologies you need to look out for. You never know, making the most out of these new technologies might be the answer to your growing problems like added labor costs (due to risks and accidents), lack of human resources, damages, delays, and errors.

Augmented Reality Order-Picking Process

AR applications and softwares are new technologies which can definitely help improve warehouse operations like order pickups. This tool provides relevant information about the exact position or location of a product or good for easier access. Aside from that, AR apps and softwares help reduce delays, damages, and errors since you will know the exact placement or position of a specific good regardless of how many shelves or racks there are in the entire warehouse. This tool makes things easier for the person navigating through endless aisles within the warehouse.

Warehouse Drones

Have you ever heard of drones? Ever seen one in plain sight? These warehouse drones are utterly different from their cousins, which are the typical drones we see that are used for travel vlogs and advertisements. Warehouse drones are specifically-made drones to help make warehouse operations more manageable. 

These little tech tools serve as your logistics partner. Why? Well, warehouse drones are programmed to help with a warehouse space’s inventory, notifying the user once stocks are starting to run low. As a result, there’s a reduced case of 1) delays; because warehouse employees are notified immediately when stocks are starting to run low, thus, the initiative to order a new batch, and 2) errors; because instead of ordering the same amount of goods or products twice (even way before it runs out), you get an accurate inventory count through warehouse drones.

Collaborative Robots or Cobots

Collaborative robots, or cobots, are also one of the many emerging tech trends in the warehouse industry today. Cobots are specifically made to collaborate with your existing [human] employees and not without them. Cobots are tech gadgets or tools built to help employees with the overwhelming day-to-day warehouse operations. It allows warehouse spaces to keep so much of their old and traditional processes, designs, and models while still being able to benefit from the systematized or more organized workflow provided by cobots.

On top of that, there’s an increase in work efficiency, productivity, and accuracy. Not that human errors are terrible. In fact, they’re quite inevitable. However, an increase in work delays, damages, and errors can be of great disadvantage to improving customer experience. With cobots, employees and managers are ensured that most (if not all) warehouse operations run smoothly and hassle-free.

Virtual Reality Predictive Modeling

If you’re mostly out of the country to attend to urgent business trips and conventions, then you must get your hands on the new virtual reality gadget and app, which offers predictive modeling and viewing. With this tool, you can now get real-time updates about your team members as well as real-time display of your warehouse space’s current situation to ensure whether or not operations are smooth sailing.

Voice Technology

Voice or audio tech tools are a significant help to warehouse employees, especially with all the noise that goes around day in and day out because of operations. With voice or audio-activated tech tools, warehouse operations become more efficient since employees wouldn’t have to look down on a checklist, a manual, or a list of things to do and instructions anymore.

Wrapping Up

Technology, over the past years, just keeps getting better and better. More and more tools, gadgets, applications, and softwares are starting to make advancements, which make human’s everyday lives more manageable. With these tech tools, warehouse operations now don’t seem so hefty and risky, and now that almost everyone is starting to adopt new technologies, there’s no more room to doubt its ability to make your work smooth sailing!

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