Things Realtors Must Do to Become Better Decision Makers

Real estate agents or realtors, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, are people whose job is to either sell or rent real estate properties like houses, building, or offices. While this definition is pretty accurate, it doesn’t necessarily encompass a realtor’s job on a day-to-day basis. More than selling and renting real estate properties, real estate agents also do the following:

  • Research property listings (past or sold, active, pending)
  • Prepare activity reports
  • Finish, submit, and file paperwork such as billing statements, real estate documents, land property agreements, and other records needed in the real estate business
  • Develop marketing strategies and techniques
  • Respond to client inquiries and concerns
  • Update webpages and social media profiles
  • Is updated on the latest local industry activities and news

Most, if not all, of these, are part of a realtor’s everyday life. Some [successful] realtors have personal assistants while some do not. So with all these tasks, how can we expect realtors to even come up with better decision-making techniques?

Decision-making is also one essential task you shouldn’t forget when you become a realtor. Decisions are a crucial part of any business, but most notably in the real estate industry. As a realtor, you have to be firm with your choices in order to build customer trust and rapport. Without an effective decision-making skill, you will have a hard time selling or renting your real estate properties because customers wouldn’t know if you’re being transparent or not. So you see, decision-making encompasses a large and important area in the real estate business.

For example, a client asks if you have for sale lots in Tagaytay Philippines, your response should be firm and final. More than that, your decision to sell this particular property should result in significant or positive impacts both for the client and the business. To give you a clearer vision about this, here are a few things realtors must do to become better decision makers:

Always Base Decisions From Evidences

Frequently, people draw decisions from emotions. Once a person’s feelings start acting up, either feeling angry or frustrated, that’s when bad decisions are made. Sometimes, people let their emotions get the best (or worst) of them. That is why Evidence-Based Management or EBM is important, especially in businesses.

EBM aims to use logical evidence rather than solely relying and trusting on one’s instincts, feelings, or emotions. Here are a few ways you can incorporate evidence to your decision-making:

  • Use comprehensive data to support your claims or decisions. As much as possible, provide current and complete sets of data.
  • Monitor or check if all business information or data you encounter are current, objective, and authentic
  • Determine whether or not business strategies will work in your current situation

More than anything, this purely promotes that data is essential to prove a point or a claim for better decision-making.

Reevaluate the Problem

Thinking things over can sometimes improve the situation. Try to asses all aspects of your current state first before jumping into conclusion. As much as possible, learn how to view issues from different perspectives to help ensure you that highlighting one aspect does not entirely mean you should disregard all the other viewpoints.

Forget About Past Experiences

More often than not, people tend to hold on to past experiences, especially past mistakes, trying to justify that making this particular decision would only lead to the same amount of errors you or anyone has committed during the past. This is not entirely wrong, but it’s not exactly right either.

Holding on to past experiences and mistakes is what’s keeping you from making better decisions. Why don’t you take risks, but make sure that you can bounce back from these risks and turn these into opportunities of growth instead of constantly failing. Learn to let go of the past and embrace the possibilities and growth that the future may bring.

Be Open for Outside Opinions and Perspective

Being in the real estate industry shouldn’t keep you away from asking other people’s opinion, idea, or perspective. Try to be open-minded and get a wide range of views from your colleagues and learn how to deal with what they have to say. Your team members’ opinions should count more than anything else.

However, don’t be too lenient to the point of losing trust in yourself. Be open to opinions and suggestions, but learn how to trust yourself as well. Getting other people’s opinion doesn’t entirely mean yours wouldn’t matter anymore.

Wrapping Up

Out of all the things mentioned above, this is the most important of all: be decisive. Yes, you may freely practice any of the given tips in this article but be firm about everything you say. Proceed and read through the things mentioned and then make your final decision.

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