Why SAP HANA is better than other ERP System?

The future of the business depends on the well -developed databases, simplified data infrastructure, instant data gathering from various sources, seamlessly mixing the third-party applications, contributing the analytics and transaction processing.

SAP HANA is a resource planning software that uses in-memory database technology that allows the processing of massive amounts of real-time data in a short time. The main function of this system as the database server is to store and retrieve data as represented by the application.

It addresses platform, technology and database challenges and is a real game-changer in database management. It was specially designed from the ground up to leverage instant advances in the microprocessor technology that delivers a lot of processing power. The data is processed as well as stored in the memory in columns. It is not stored on rows, nor external drives.

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The traditional databases can just manage a particular business task at a given point. For example, in a call center, the moment an application is installed, the fundamental data infrastructure is configured to support a particular application. These databases work excellent for a particular application but when it comes to task like gathering data from various sources and draw business insights from it, these systems are not capable of doing it. The data needs to be duplicated or moved, this creates additional tasks, which hampers business productivity.

With the help of SAP HANA, the traditional data storage systems limitations can be handled by eliminating silos and offering a common platform for operational, machine, event, transaction, warehousing as well as for unstructured data stored together Silo is an isolated point in a system where data is kept and segmented from other parts of the architecture.

All this is possible with the in-memory computing of SAP HANA, which permits users to consolidate the data silos as well as reduce the complexity faced by traditional databases. SAP HANA has allowed businesses to create influential new applications. In addition, it offers the customer an innovative platform and hence it has become a powerful engine empowering business and cloud network.

Here are a few reasons why SAP HANA is better than other ERP systems,

1. SAP HANA has an in-memory database that enables advanced analytics capabilities when compared to other traditional databases. It materializes views, data duplication to enable real-time information and data wherever you need.

2. Based on the functionality of data being stored on the RAM chip instead of a hard disk, SAP HANA makes high speed processing a practical reality. Unlike the traditional process of data being needed from the hard-disk and subsequently moved into RAM for data processing the agility of SAP HANA allows organizations to achieve more with their data.

3. SAP HANA drives businesses towards cloud application. It allows innovation and enables vendors to enhance the capabilities to derive the best outcome for their businesses.

4. With SAP HANA integration, the simplicity of having one system for different business applications and its real-time access makes the operations extremely simple and user-friendly.

5. SAP HANA Cloud needs no up-front investment from customers and partners concerning hardware or software. This not only reduces the cost but also maintains the service associated risks. post-deployment, SAP HANA manages the platform operations in a way that reduces the cost of developing and deploying cloud applications. For enterprises already running their application on the cloud. SAP HANA offers seamless integration to ensure more streamlined operations, thus assuring lower overall cost of ownership.


SAP HANA deployment empowers a business with more speed than that of the traditional databases. It comes with a multi-core parallel platform and assimilates even with complex databases.

About the author: Nilesh Shah

The author of the article is working with Accely, providing customer flexible, rapidly deployed, end-to-end Enterprise Resource Planning, Mobility Solutions, E-Commerce and Business Analytics through the SAP suite of application and other leading technologies.

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