Workday Acquires HiredScore: Potential Changes in HR Technology

Workday, a leading provider of workplace software solutions, recently announced its intention to buy HiredScore, a leading provider of AI-based matching tools for recruitment. This acquisition is a big step in the HR technology business, with substantial consequences for the industry.

Market for AI-Based Recruiting Tools

The market for AI-based recruiting tools is predicted to be worth $30.1 billion, with a significant need for powerful AI solutions that assist with applicant matching, search, skill inference, and sourcing. AI tools have swiftly revolutionized this market, making them indispensable for businesses seeking to expand and compete effectively.

HiredScore’s AI-based matchmaking tools

HiredScore is a well-known AI-based matching system in Israel, with over 40 experienced AI engineers specialized on applicant matching, a hard topic in the recruiting market. The company’s AI-based matching capabilities, known as “talent orchestration,” will be an important addition to Workday’s current product range.

Workday’s AI Platform Strategy

This acquisition will significantly strengthen Workday’s AI platform strategy, as it seeks to expedite the development of its comprehensive talent intelligence offering, which includes the Skills Cloud, Workday Learning, and the Talent Marketplace. The integration of Workday and HiredScore’s AI solutions will enable enterprises to better meet their changing human resource needs.

Market Impact of the Acquisition

The acquisition of HiredScore might alter the market for HR software in a variety of ways, including compelling HCM vendors to adjust to the changing landscape and potentially leading to other mergers and acquisitions in the HR tech business.


Workday’s acquisition of HiredScore is a game changer that might disrupt the HR IT sector. By merging Workday’s enterprise software solutions with HiredScore’s AI-based matching technologies, organizations will get access to a comprehensive and intelligent talent acquisition and internal mobility offering, allowing them to better meet their ever-changing human resource demands.

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