“Client does not come first, employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your client” the famous quote of Richard Branson remind us of the importance of employee wellness program. If your employees feel that you care for them, they will take care of your organization and tend to be more productive and engaged with the organizational goals. If you are thinking about how to initiate such a program in your busy schedule, a mobile app for employee wellness is the answer.

Here we have put together 5 ways to initiate mobile app based employee wellness program.

Motivate your employees

Motivation works like the medicine of every disease. Your wellness program should design in such a way so that your employee should feel motivated and do regular exercise. Through a mobile app, you can easily track and analyze every employee’s health and mental condition and provide motivation. One of the easiest ways to this is with CircleCare App, where you can provide positive reinforcement to your employees with motivational badges.

Modify Behavior

Who doesn’t love rewards? If this reward is for staying healthy, it will work like a magic. The reward can be anything like lunch at a local restaurant, or maybe a microwave oven! With a mobile app for employee wellness you can ask them to follow some certain healthy lifestyle behaviors for a certain time or until they earn a certain amount of points to earn these rewards.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is important. Studies show that engaged employees are more productive as well as loyal to the company. So, if there is a mobile app for employee wellness, employees can easily engage with each other to support, encourage and share views, even when they are not in the office.

Caring and Wellness

Some employees need a little extra push to follow a healthy lifestyle. Since organizations hardly get enough time to work on health and well being on an individual basis, their employees can keep each other motivated through regular reminder, engagement, and support. With a mobile workplace wellness App, you can easily design the entire wellness program in such a way, so that it offers an incentive (maybe points or badges) for the employees who motivate each other.

Wellness Companion

Think about the employee who always forgets to take his/her medicine while at work. This can not only make them vulnerable to health risks but may also increase the rate of unscheduled leaves. Now if you have a wellness App, where he/she can set an alarm for meds, wouldn’t that be awesome? Why to stop there, wellness can also facilitate keeping a daily log of vitals and step tracking.

You can initiate all these healthy workplace practices just by using a mobile wellness app. Why promote healthy lifestyle practices to each and every employee, where an App can make them follow it for you. Thanks to CircleCare the easiest wellness app, you can now boost your workplace wellness program and build a more happy, healthy and productive workforce.


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