9 Must Have Skills To Become A Modern Successful Marketer

A modern marketer is like a jack (or Jill) of all trades, having to be flexible, adaptable, and knowledgeable in more than one areas. Here are 9 of the most sought after marketing skills that a modern successful marketer needs to stand out from the crowd:

Agility & ability to adapt

Businesses are going to change and move forward with or without marketers who can’t keep up. Being able to come up with solutions to problems by thinking outside of the box and navigating an ever-changing environment is crucial. Embrace a growth mindset.

Creative and resourceful

With the fierce competition all around, a modern successful marketer needs to bring new ideas and interpretations to common problems and doesn’t underestimate the power of the (well) written words, usage all of the tools in his/her toolkit to find the most accurate sources of data and make the most informed analysis.

Cross channel and generational collaboration

The workforce is becoming increasingly culturally diverse in addition to the younger generations becoming a part of it. The ability to adjust to and collaborate with different cultures and generations is imperative.

Digital mindset

Understanding technological change and using the power of technology to think ahead and improve performance in the digital world.


Strategic thinking

Analyzing data to think critically, understanding the market, and practice logical and strategic reasoning. Having good judgment to make strategic and intelligent business decisions that move the needle.

Leadership and people management

Being able to monitor, motivate, and develop the skills of employees. If you want to progress your career into a leadership role, you must know how to successfully guide people toward success and make bold decisions during tough times.

Social-emotional intelligence (EQ)

Capacity to understand, connect, communicate and empathize with people across different business functions and cultures. Having emotional intelligence when it comes to determining the deeper meaning of other’s reactions.

Complex problem solving

Technology can make decisions and work more complicated, making complex problem-solving skills critical. The ability to translate data into meaningful concepts and drive data-based decisions will be increasingly important.


Ability to craft unique, compelling stories and develop content for various media channels to reach and connect with target audiences. The integration of creative and strategic thinking will be more important than ever in the future of marketing.

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