A mobile field sales app can help you reduce your sales cycle

You can reduce your sales cycle and close more deals in a shorter time. But, it isn’t always easy. There are many obstacles that can slow down sales cycles. There are certain ways to speed up sales cycles.

Sales cycles can be improved by assigning reps to key accounts and identifying key accounts. Regular meetings with customers can ensure that they are reminded about your products. This will help reps convert more quickly and generate more revenue. A mobile sales app can be used to monitor and accelerate your sales cycle. CloudApper SalesQ, a field sales monitoring application, can help you accomplish this in the following ways.

1. Automated Data Analysis

Traditional processes can make it difficult to accumulate sales data in one location. This can slow down sales cycles. It can be time-consuming to manually analyze and compile data. You can instead use SalesQ, a sales tracking application that collects data and makes reports about the performance of your sales team. This will allow you to quickly analyze the sales process and make informed decisions that can speed up your sales cycle.


2. You can place sales orders from the field

This article is probably being read from your phone or tablet. Everybody has a phone these days. The best way to reduce the time it takes to sell your products and increase revenue is through a mobile sales app. You can take orders right from your phone through the app, which will speed up the delivery process.

3. Manage customer accounts

You can reduce your sales cycle by keeping customer accounts under control. Keep leads that are most likely to convert at the top of your sales app. Your sales reps will be able to better understand which clients are most important. To keep your sales cycle moving, eliminate leads that are cold.

4. Find Profitable Territories

SalesQ uses geofencing for showing you whether reps actually make client visits. With sales data records, reps can map the locations they visit to determine which territories are performing best. These channels should be your focus. You can then come up with new ways to increase sales there for faster cycles.

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5. Distribute Marketing Collateral

To speed up sales cycles, marketing and sales departments must work together. Sales teams are not usually notified of marketing collateral, which leads to wastage of resources. Visual material is more effective in helping prospects make better decisions. A mobile app can be used to send marketing collateral to field reps to help reduce sales cycles.

Selling faster is key to increasing sales cycle speed. This helps you generate more revenue in a shorter time. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales force tracking application that can help you speed up your sales process. Get a 14-day trial for free by signing up today

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