What Can You Do to Increase the Accountability of Sales Reps

While your sales team can be loaded with great talents, without proper accountability, sales reps can fail to meet the expectations of management. Increasing accountability is a large part of effective sales management. To understand accountability let’s take a look at its definition.

What is Sales Accountability?

Sales accountability is the art of understanding your own goals as a manager and relaying them in a way that can help reps understand what is expected of them.

Accountability can come off as a negative term, but it should be clarified to reps that accountability can help compensate them adequately, provided they meet and in certain cases exceed goals.


Getting rid of this stigma can motivate sales reps to perform better, increasing efficiency, the effectiveness of performance, and team communication and collaboration for better results.

How Can You Increase the Accountability of Sales Reps?

Here are the steps that you can enforce to make sure that your sales reps are performing well, and generating fruitful results:

Communicate Goals

To attain targets, sales reps need to have clear instructions on what they need to achieve. These are usually in the form of sales KPIs and specific accounts that need to be nurtured. Create healthy competition amongst sales reps by communicating expectations for specific reps, and also for the sales team. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales app that can help in communicating with reps on the field.

Track Performance

Track performance, and make it accessible to increase the accountability of sales reps. This can be done by giving them access to an app that displays vital sales metrics. When data can be accessed by everyone, reps will try to increase their productivity. Recording real-time sales data can also help you understand the pulse of your sales teams. Accurate data is also essential for performance management.

Provide Adequate Rewards

Increase sales accountability through gathering authentic reports from reps that help them perform better. This can stop reps from loafing, especially if they have to document what they have accomplished on an hourly basis. Compare periodic data to view who has performed better than last week or month, and provide adequate rewards to drive performance.

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Field Sales App

Using an app can be the perfect way to track metrics, and hold your sales team accountable. CloudApper SalesQ is the perfect app for sales team management, and has the following features:

Sales Metrics Tracking

SalesQ displays the targets assigned, targets achieved, and order delivery status of your sales reps. Top customers and products are also displayed in visual dashboards that provide great visibility and enable your team to perform better. The app can also act as a central database to store data in one place.

Mobile App

A mobile app can provide greater visibility into sales performance, and increase sales accountability. Users can file reports from the field, and geofencing can help you validate whether sales teams are actually making visits. Set a perimeter around the locations of reps, and they will be able to provide reports if only they are on client locations.

Real-time Insights

Automation of the sales reporting process and notifications through emails, SMS, and push notifications can help you stay on top of sales insights to make decisions. Reps also generate day-end reports, evaluating their performances for the day, which helps them to push themselves the next day.

Increase Accountability, Generate Results

If you have read up to this point, you must be eager to increase performance and monitor sales progress. Equip your salespeople with tools to track progress, and drive accountability. If you help reps perform better and reward them for better performance, they will deliver better results. Use CloudApper SalesQ to foster a culture of accountability amongst sales reps, and improve performance. Sign up today to enjoy a 14-day free trial.

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