Use Geofencing to verify sales visits

The use of mobile devices is on the rise, and sales reps are increasingly using sales tech to keep tabs. Everybody has a mobile device these days. Sales reps can be found on their phones searching for prospect details. You can easily install an app to help you track your check-ins and report on them. You can monitor reps using mobile apps to help you gain location-specific sales data and increase sales. Let’s first define geofencing before we use it to monitor reps.

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing refers to the use of signals from a phone to send satellites its location. This is a great way to manage sales reps. You can set up specific reporting locations.

Geofencing can be used to determine if reps are making actual visits. Reps are able to provide reports only if they’re within the designated perimeter.

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Geofencing has many benefits

CloudApper SalesQ, a field sales force tracking app, can be used to authenticate sales reps’ visits and increase revenue through geofencing.


Your reps will be collecting data from certain locations. This data can be used to identify the best areas in which to sell your products based on volume. This will help you identify the most profitable areas for your business and assign reps accordingly. Knowing what geofencing means is an important benefit, since the best sellers are able to target the best markets.

Real Sales Visits

One of the greatest benefits to geofencing with an app like SalesQ, is the ability for reps to visit assigned customers. The app will allow you to create a perimeter around your clients’ locations and the app will show the location details. Reps can then report from these clients.

Custom Offerings

A field sales force tracking application can be used to collect feedback from customers. You can track which customers are most likely to share a common preference by knowing more about geofencing. This allows you to customize your offerings for different areas, generating more revenue from different territories.

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Competitive Advantage

Geofencing is a way for companies to track reps’ locations and generate higher profits. SalesQ, an app that allows you to verify visits and ensure that reps are actually working, can maximize your revenue. Companies with reps who can falsify reports will make a smaller profit than you.


To increase your revenue, you can add geofencing monitoring of reps to your campaigns. CloudApper SalesQ can be customized to verify the visits of employees using geofencing. Get a 14-day free trial of CloudApper SalesQ by signing up today.

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