B2B Growth Hacks Your Startup Can’t-Miss

Growth hacking is the process of doing A/b testing across the product development, sales and marketing funnels to find improvement opportunities that could lead to massive growth. Startup companies would do anything for new growth opportunities, and quite naturally its very important for them to keep looking for them. Here are some B2B growth hacks that every startup should take advantage of:

Automate your sales

Email automation can change the game for B2B companies – acting as an extension of both your sales and marketing teams. Automate emails to create a streamlined content pipeline that educates prospects and warms leads.

Leverage your customers

It’s easier to reach your content customer base than it is to reach new customers. This of ways to use that. Getting customers to invite their friends, write reviews, share content on social media or just try to collect customer experience information for product improvement.
Leverage could be the most powerful marketing tool you have.

Optimize your content

Generally B2B startups have mountain of presentations that go unused. Optimize your content! Upload it to slide share, then use PR and paid media to drive traffic to your “thought leader” content – this is a great way to build credibility in a niche market.

Host events

This old school marketing tactic is still one of the best ways to generate quality leads. Use digital marketing to find and invite the right prospects to your seminars or events – wow them – then follow up with an email campaign to close the deal!

Hire growth hackers

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the rise of a new breed of marketers. Many B2B startups are turning to growth hacking agencies to help them scale. This new breed of marketers are driven by data, and measured on driving business results.

Build Audiences

The best way to build long term, sustainable growth is to build an audience of people that trust and read your content regularly. This could be through a blog , an email newsletter or even a Facebook Messenger Bot. Over time this audience will grow, and so will their interest in your business offering.

If you want to try growth hacking for your business, then you should remember that possibilities for improvements are endless. You have to be patient and experiment and decide which strategy is best for you.

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