Commercial Real Estate Technology That All Successful Agents Use

Commercial Real Estate Technology That All Successful Agents Use

Real estate industry continues to change as modern technology evolves. Smart and successful real estate agents of today are improving their way of doing real estate business with technology. To help you catch up with it, we have brought in some of the latest trends in technology that successful real estate professionals are using nowadays.

Office On The Go!

Smaller than a computer, but larger than a cell phone, the iPad creates a virtual bossiness environment, making it easier to work from anywhere.

View property brochures, information & locate exact property locations away from the office and your computer.

Downloadable Programs

Download Apps to your iPad or Smartphone.there are a number of highly useful and innovative apps available for CRE agents buyers and investors to keep deals moving forward.

Ranging from property and demographic info to financial help and analytics,agents have access to property tools at a moment’s notice.

Virtual Data & Easy Collaborations

Access working files and/or documents from anywhere with internet access.

Strange becames easy and sharing a docment for others to view or edit is as simple as one click.

Cloud Computing

Agents, Landlords and tenants can collaborate on multiple documents and file types.

Property brochures are easily accessible anytime via the internet.

Search & Retrieve Information

List properties online for potential clients to search based on specified criteria.

Most listing services have applications for tables and smartphones marking it easy to access listing information.

Property information is also available by text.

Mobile Marketing Companies allow agents and potential tenants to receive information about a property via text.

Create Social Networks & Make Connections

Establish new relationships online and on social media! By sharing, posting, liking, commenting, messaging and ultimately engaging on these sites, you are able to create a network of people who could be referring & recommending your services.

Use Of Drones in Real Estate

Amongst real esate professionals, 23% of respondents personally use drones, have a colleague who uses drones or hires a contractor to operate drones for their business.

16% of respondents hope to use drones in the future.

5 Essential Real Estate Tech Tools All Top Real Estate Professionals Use

  • Beautiful, responsive real estate website with pre-made site themes and customs lead capture.
  • Real estate CRM software that allows agents and brokers to organize and assign leads with ease.
  • A sleek comparative market analysis (CMA) tool that allows you to prove your market expertise.
  • An open house app that provides you a great way to collect walk-ins content information.
  • Listing presentation software that transforms your offline pitch into a stellar online sales deck.
Commercial Real Estate Technology That All Successful Agents Use

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