How to Set Up Employees to Clock In at a Certain UKG Ready Time Clock

Setting up employees to clock in at certain time clocks is becoming increasingly important as businesses strive to standardize their labor management procedures. UKG Ready Time Clock’s clock setup settings provide a quick and easy method of doing so. CloudApper AI Time Clock is an alternative to conventional time clocks that gives businesses even more leeway in terms of how and when employees clock in.

Configuring Employees on UKG Ready Time Clock

Setting up employees to clock in at designated time clocks is a breeze with UKG Ready Time Clock’s basic and simply controllable clock setup settings. This setup guide will walk you through each step:

  1. Start by logging into UKG Ready, then going to Company Settings > System > InTouch Installations to access the Clock Configuration. You may check out a directory of your company’s time clocks in the InTouch Installations area.
  2. All staff have access to all time clocks unless otherwise specified. However, the settings of the clocks allow for individual workers to be assigned to individual clocks. The list of employees who are authorized to use a certain time clock appears once you choose the clock from the list.
  3. To restrict access to a certain time clock, just insert the relevant employees’ names or employee IDs into the corresponding box. Once you’ve finished adding the names, you may save the setup.
  4. After the time clock settings have been configured, it is crucial to check and test the configuration to ensure that personnel have been allocated to the right time clocks. To ensure everything is running well, have staff punch in and out using their designated clocks and check the time punch data.

Benefits of Using CloudApper’s AI Time Clock with UKG Ready

When comparing CloudApper AI Time Clock to UKG Ready Time Clock, it is clear that CloudApper offers a more robust alternative solution that significantly improves upon the aforementioned aspects of employee time monitoring. Any iPad or tablet may be converted into a sophisticated UKG Time Clock thanks to CloudApper AI Time Clock’s adaptable and cutting-edge technology.

  1. CloudApper AI Time Clock allows businesses to create unique user profiles for each device, streamlining the process of assigning devices to employees and imposing clock-in limitations. Using device-specific login credentials increases security and flexibility by allowing you to restrict employee access to certain devices.
  2. CloudApper AI Time Clock provides more mobility than typical UKG Ready Time Clocks by running on inexpensive Android or iOS tablets. Employees may now punch in and out from any location throughout the company, increasing productivity and ease.
  3. CloudApper AI Time Clock has a simple setup and integration procedure. To facilitate smooth data sharing and real-time changes, the platform may be readily integrated with an organization’s preexisting UKG Ready system. The platform’s intuitive design and flexible time-recording options make it simple for staff to learn and utilize.
  4. CloudApper AI Time Clock’s features and insights are far more sophisticated than those of a standard timekeeping system. It keeps track of crucial information like job transfers and pay codes, helps with attestation for labor law compliance, and even allows for employee feedback through individualized surveys. HR departments may improve personnel management and decision-making with the help of the information and insights made available by these cutting-edge capabilities.


A crucial part of efficient labor management is training workers to clock in at designated times. While UKG Ready Time Clock’s clock setup settings provide a no-nonsense method, CloudApper AI Time Clock takes time monitoring and human resources to the next level. Employee clock-ins may be made more versatile, accessible, and personalized by adopting a tablet-based time clock solution like CloudApper AI Time Clock. Both the UKG Ready Time Clock and the CloudApper AI Time Clock give businesses the tools they need to maximize staff management and output.

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