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It’s been a fantastic year for the information business at Microsoft and an unfathomable year for information over the business. SQL Server 2019 sudden spikes in demand for Linux. 

This Article mainly explain about-How to install, get connected and the main reason to run SQL Server on Linux

SQL Server presently on both the Windows and the Linux stages. Regularly, we used to associate SQL Server with SQL Server Management Studio. We can interface with SQL Server on Linux utilizing SQL Server Management Studio, however it can’t be introduced on the Linux working framework straightforwardly.


  • Introducing Microsoft SQL Server on Linux is moderately simple. The establishment cycle follows a recognizable Linux heads design. 
  • To begin with, you need to add the SQL Server store to your bundle chief. At that point, after you update the bundle show, you can introduce the mssql-worker bundle. At last, you need to run mssql-conf arrangement to design the SA secret phrase and version. 
  • The redesign cycle likewise gives the Linux-local client experience. Directors can refresh SQL Server 2017 occurrences on Linux utilizing their current bundle update/overhaul measures.


To begin, introduce SQL Server on Linux utilizing one of the accompanying quickstarts:

  •    Introduce on Red Hat Enterprise Linux-XFS or EXT4
  •    Introduce on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server-XFS or EXT4
  •    Introduce on Ubuntu-XFS or EXT4
  •     Run on Docker
  •     Arrangement a SQL VM in Azure


 These are the tools which we use :

  • Visual Studio Code (VS Code)
  • SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  • SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)

Latest update SQL Server on Linux :

CU8 (September 2020):

This is the Cumulative Update 8 (CU8) arrival of SQL Server 2019 (15.x). The SQL Server Database Engine form for this delivery is 15.0.4073.23.

Package Package version
Red Hat RPM package 15.0.4053.23-2
SLES RPM package 15.0.4053.23-2
Ubuntu 18.04 Debian package 15.0.4053.23-2



1.Linux costs not as much as Windows Server:

Most of the people this is the valid reason- Purchasing a SQL Server permit gives you the choice to utilize it on Windows Server, Linux, or Docker. Besides, you can move your current venture licenses from Windows to Linux with no additional charge.

2.There is no difference while running SQL on Linux:

SQL Server on Linux gives a natural encounter to Windows clients. Most of the instruments that your engineers and DBAs use to work with SQL Server on Windows stage function as-is with Linux. That is on the grounds that the association types you use, all work the equivalent with Linux. Obviously, the normal Windows-clients should outfit a type of Linux information. Essentially this is the situation for the DBAs who are working at the lower level.

Contextual investigations are Looking Good:

The initial segment of the SQL Server for Linux discharge was on a made to order see premise, and there have been a lot of victories. One achievement was with Humantech, an ergonomics counsel organization that began as an in-person consultancy. Yet, they moved into a plan of action of programming as-a-administration. Such a progress implies a total IT upgrade.

 Fortunate for them – and us – that progress came when SQL Server for Linux was accessible to attempt. Their organization ran Microsoft SQL Server on Windows Server, running the remainder of the creation and improvement conditions on Linux working frameworks. Running cycles on these two extraordinary conditions was costly and tedious — and something needed to give. 

Instead of going for a stroll on the wild side and gaining proficiency with another Linux-viable information base like Oracle, they chose to go with a data set they definitely knew. Humantech wanted something strong and adjustable, so finding and investigating SQL Server for Linux was the correct move to make. A reinforcement and reestablish technique on their SQL Server 2008 made moving up to SQL Server 2017 simple.


What’s more, the last, however not least thing in this rundown. SQL Server brings new cool highlights contrasted with open source information bases like MySQL, MariaDB or PostgreSQL running on Linux


There is more flexibility in data solutions provided by SQL Server  on Linux. With strategic execution, industry-driving TCO, top tier security, and cross breed cloud developments. Like Stretch Database which lets customers access their data on-premises and in the cloud at whatever point they need, expecting almost no exertion – all basic.

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