Is Infor Lawson a ERP System?

Yes, Infor Lawson is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. ERP stands for “enterprise resource planning,” and it was developed to assist firms in managing their essential activities, such as their finances, their human resources, their supply chain management, and their assets. The system has particular features and functionalities to cater to the one-of-a-kind requirements of certain businesses, such as healthcare, the public sector, manufacturing, and distribution. These industries were specifically targeted during the system’s design phase.

Infor Lawson ERP has the following features:

Financial Management: Infor Lawson ERP offers a comprehensive range of capabilities for financial management, including as asset management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledgers. Businesses are given the ability to monitor their financial performance, manage their budgets, and generate financial reports thanks to the program.

Management of Human Resources: Infor Lawson ERP provides a full range of tools for managing human resources, such as talent management, payroll, time and attendance, and benefits administration. The program gives businesses the ability to effectively manage their workforce, boost employee engagement, and streamline operations related to human resources.

Supply Chain Management: Infor Lawson ERP provides a full suite of capabilities for supply chain management, including inventory management, order management, procurement management, and logistics management. The program gives companies the ability to streamline their supply chain operations, which in turn helps them increase delivery times and cut costs.

Asset Management: Infor Lawson ERP provides a full asset management solution, which includes asset purchase and tracking, as well as management of asset depreciation and disposal. The program gives companies the ability to more effectively manage their assets, which in turn helps cut down on errors and boosts overall productivity.

Reporting: The Infor Lawson ERP provides a wide variety of reporting capabilities, such as a library of standard reports and the option to build custom reports. Also included is the ability to schedule automatic reports. The program gives companies the ability to access data in real time, which is beneficial for both strategic decision-making and reporting on compliance requirements.

Integration: Other Infor products, such as Infor Lawson Financials and Infor Lawson Supply Chain Management, can be integrated with ease into the Infor Lawson ERP system. The integration makes it possible for diverse information systems to communicate with one another in a seamless manner, which results in an increase in overall efficiency.

Security: Data encryption, role-based access control, and audit trails are just some of the powerful security features that are included in the Infor Lawson ERP system. The program was developed to cater to the varied security requirements of a variety of businesses, including those operating in highly regulated sectors.

Advantages of Using the Infor Lawson ERP:

Enhanced Productivity: Infor Lawson ERP enables firms to enhance their productivity by standardizing and streamlining essential business processes, which in turn helps to cut down on errors. The software enables organizations to gain access to data in real time, which enables the firms to make decisions that are better informed and to react more swiftly to shifting market conditions.

Increased Vision: Infor Lawson ERP gives companies a higher visibility into their operations, which enables them to track performance, recognize patterns, and make decisions based on the data collected. Businesses are able to meet the compliance standards and obtain insights into their financial and operational performance with the assistance of the software’s wide range of reporting features.

Improved Collaboration: Infor Lawson ERP makes it possible for enterprises to cooperate more effectively across departments and functions, hence enhancing communication and decreasing the prevalence of silos. The software provides staff with the ability to access information from a centralized location, which improves coordination and reduces the amount of effort that is duplicated.

Better Customer Service: Businesses are able to provide better customer service to their clients by using Infor Lawson ERP since it provides information that is both timely and accurate. The software gives companies the ability to manage customer orders, track delivery timeframes, and provide real-time updates, all of which contribute to an increase in customer satisfaction.


The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software known as Infor Lawson is a complete system that helps firms manage their essential company operations, such as their finances, human resources, supply chain management, and asset management. The software provides its users with a variety of features and functionalities, such as access to real-time data, reporting, integration, and security. Businesses are able to obtain greater visibility into their performance, streamline their processes, and improve their efficiency all by installing the ERP system Infor Lawson. Infor Lawson ERP provides a solution that is scalable, versatile, and adaptable so that it can meet the ever-evolving requirements of businesses of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to multinational corporations. Businesses have the potential to gain a competitive advantage, lower their expenses, and increase customer satisfaction all by utilizing its capabilities.

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